01 February 2006

Dates For The Diary

Working from recent comments I present the following birthdays

13 Jan Bart (Orlando Bloom)
14 Jan Ivy (Faye Dunaway)
26 Jan Steve (Michael Bentine)
30 Jan Astryngia (Vanessa Redgrave)
08 Feb Zilla (Nick Nolte)*
22 Mar Rain (William Shatner)
18 May Milt Bogs (Walter Gropius)
20 May Ms Mac (Louis Theroux)
17 July She Weevil (James Cagney)
14 Aug Le Laquet (Halle Berry)
15 Sept Prydwen (Agatha Christie)
21 Sept Carol (Ricki Lake)
24 Sept Ella M (Jim Henson)
13 Oct Neutron (Maggie Thatcher)
15 Dec Lady Muck (Nero)

Zilla, whom I count as a very dear blogging friend and someone whose name is on my list of things to do before I die (as in: go partying and get trashed with Zilla) has her birthday very, very soon. And she mentioned on her blog. And she told me by email when I asked. And I lost it.

So, whilst I offended her with that information and prayed for her to communicate the date again, she sat down here, away from the list.

Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

(Steve - see? I told you it was nothing personal, I do it to everybody. No, I don't want Ginkgo Biloba.)


Ms Mac said...

Well done! What a great idea!

(I think I have a mini-crush on Louis Theroux but don't tell anyone, ok?)

Kim said...

Is there anyone else in July to be linked with besides James Cagney? I'm not a big fan, see.

Writer Mom said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Carol said...

Oh, God. Ricki Lake? Shoot me now.

Writer Mom said...

Delete was me.
I'm a dumbass.
I see now you have Zilla's birthday.

Also...Dakota Fanning & Peter Fonda for me.

Ally said...

I know I smell of poo, as I didn't say 'happy birthday' to you on Monday, but here I am now, running sycophantically to catch up and mention in passing that I am 24 May.

[shuffles off, apologetically]

Library Lady said...

Unfortunately I know who share my birthday (November 25):

George and Laura Bush's offspring from hell, the most revolting duo since the Olsen Twins--Jenna and Barbara Bush.

In the words of my forefathers and mothers: FEHHHHHH!

fineartist said...

Neutron was born five days before me, cool.

Chep said...

OK - the famous people that I share a birthday with are an odd group:

Dr. Ruth
Noah Wyle (mmmm)
Angelina Jolie

There's a group for ya!

Britmum said...

You are very funny. I wonder if we ever bumped into each other. I lived in Seaford two years ago. What a small web world.

Cheryl said...

Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, David Hasselhof or Tim Brooke Taylor - any of them do? Hehe.

Writermom - and Arabella Churchill and Samuel Pepys

Ally - Priscilla Presley and Julius Caesar!

Library Lady - please! And Christina Applegate, Amy Grant, John F Kennedy Jnr, Joe Di Maggio and two English queens.

Fineartist, so, George C Scott, Klaus Kinski and Chuck Berry!

Chep - don't forget Socrates :-)

Britmum - Hi! Pleased to meet you!
Kids go to Ch. schl.

Anonymous said...

Nero? As in the emporer? Crumbs...

Neutron said...

Ahem...bit late tuning in to this...ta for the mention! My birthday is actually 16th October (please inform all your contacts of this) which means I am not Margaret Thatcher...although I am beginning to look like her. I was SHOCKED to read that she also likes one of the songs I loved as a kid...eeeee...scary!