25 February 2006

The Best People.

The best people are:

Honest, earnest, imaginative, fiery, brave, vociferous, challenging, joyful, creative, demonstrative, imperfect and real. They sometimes rush in where angels fear to tread but they rarely, except in their most depressed moments, sit on the sidelines of life for fear of taking part.

The very best of them have hearts of gold and the dilemma this causes is that, unlike those of a genuinely snarky and condescending manner, when they unintentionally but predictably clash with someone else, they panic. They worry that they may have hurt someone's feelings, gone over the top, been a little too blunt, gone in like a bull in a china shop.

This is the curse of the strong, good woman.

At least I hope it is, because its what I value in others and what I see in myself. Perhaps because that describes me (at least the vociferous, demonstrative, imperfect and unintentional part), I seek out others through a need for sisterhood.

I mouth off. I cock up. So do we all, but if you're always honest, if you only mess up by being blunt and earnest and all those things above, then you are a diamond and worth seeking out. If you'll let me strop and get over it, I'll still love ya, and whoever you are, I'll do the same for you. Deal?

Power corrupts. Knowledge is power. Study hard. Be evil......
(I love that!)


ME Strauss said...

Hey Cheryl,
You just described yourself.

You also can always count on that deal with me. Forever and ever, and ever. Amen.

Astryngia said...

Ah, you make me feel So Much Better. So much so that I'll send you a Bra card (you know what I mean!) ;-)

Yes, it's a deal. (And I love that, too - made me laugh out loud) :-)

Miss Cellania said...

Well, here you have said what we all know, but most of us find hard to put into words. Thank you!

Cheryl said...

ME - Hugs!

Astryngia - WOW! So glad to see you online, and erm, really? Yes please!

Miss C - Always an honour when you comment

Anyone else reading this - go see Miss Cellania's blog - I don't know where she gets it all from, but be prepared to be there for hours :-)

Kim said...

(((((cheryl))))) You have such a wonderful way with words.