25 February 2006

Laughed Til I Cried

I adore Scaryduck.

I don't comment much because he has something like a million comments per post and doesn't need mine.

I just toddle over there every time he posts, and piss myself.

Apparently he would prefer it if I shat in the garden instead.

Go have a read, but strap on the Tena Lady first, or if you are a guy, strip off the old boxers and line up the empties within easy reach. You have been warned.


Library Lady said...

I just hope nobody who has a plot in my community garden reads Scaryduck's blog!

Badaunt said...

You just KNOW somebody is going to take him up on it...

jane said...

Since we have the entire jungle, I'm going to plant a tomato garden. Then I'm going to donate all of our lovely tomatoes to our president. :)

Scaryduck said...

Yes, please post a comment when you visit.

I'm always on the lookout for new victims. Readers. I meant readers. And not victims.

I bought a trowel yesterday, by the way. For the you-know-what.