11 December 2005

The Spreading Infection?

Well that's what MommyGuilt called it, and she gave it to me. Its a meme - a ten things you didn't know about me, thing.

I really don't want to scan a whole year of posts to see what I haven't said already, so forgive repeats.
  1. I hate pork scratchings
  2. If a strip light (Fluorescent light) is on the way out, before others can even tell, I see the reduced wavelength in contrast to its neighbours. It can make the walls flash black and white and feel like they're caving in. Doppler effect?
  3. Before I see it I can hear it - I hate the high pitched whine they give out and it changes very slightly.
  4. I have been a mother for twenty two years, which is half my life.
  5. Eight years of that were with a manipulative man and all have been with at least one child with special needs
  6. Consequently if you discount home work jobs, school time jobs and part time jobs, I haven't had a 'full time job' since February 1983.
  7. I haven't been on holiday for that long either, other than visits to family and I've never been on a plane.
  8. In first year infants they wanted to send me to gifted school, but mum couldnt get me there and my brothers to the local school at the same time.
  9. Some days I wish I could throw all my cards in the air and start again
  10. I have a secret blog and I just effed and blinded on it, so am now called 'me' instead of Cheryl, just in case.
So. Wasn't that fun. Passing this dreaded lurgy to Ally and Doris, Tanda and Carol the Purple Dragon, and anyone else who wants to play, but comment below so I know to come and see.


Anonymous said...

Well, Chezz, you've threatened to come on holiday to South-West France, and the cheapest way is flying. So that'll be one less thing we know about you.
Also if you throw all your cards in the air in the UK, someone is bound to max them out and give you one hell of a bill.
Bring the Marmite and have a nice summer.


Cheryl said...

Wrong cards - I have one debit card and thats my lot.
Its not a fear of flying - never had the passport, the time or the money. But yes, a return to your place seems to be cheaper than a one way run on some UK trains.
Odd, huh.
And I've threatened, but will wait until I'm invited!

fineartist said...

You have a secret blog? Wow.

I love these things, they appeal to my nosy nature.

fineartist said...

I meant curious nature.

Patt said...

secret blogg ! I think i need one.What a good idea .

Le laquet said...

pork scratchings ... yummy! A secret swearing blog ~ cool! And I would so love to start again with a new hand especially this week!

doris said...

I think every blogger needs to have at least two secret blogs - and that's even if they are anonymous in the first place!!!

If you don't want to fly; to do planes; or overseas hoidays then fine. But, if there is a part of you that wants to, then start planning. Once you start planning then the money comes.

We planned a big family holiday to the US - planned it two years in advance. Didn't have the money or anything but planned it anyway. It came together and then after the holiday you would have thought we were wiped out but we suddenly found a new house we liked and moved house. Now, if anyone had said we would do a major holiday and house move the same year I'd not have believed it.

So make your plans. Be realistic and you'll do it!

And you'll love it!

I'll see what I can do with this lurgy.

doris said...

Oh yes, and Doppler effect. Would you care to explain this concept to the masses? I'd be really interested as to how you would explain it so I understood it. (I'm serious!)

Cheryl said...

Ok Doris heres the plan.

Leave husband (not divorce, I can't afford to take half the debts with me.)

Hand kids over to social services.

Sign on, and live in a tent.

That should sort me out in less than a decade!


Cheryl said...

Doppler effect

Tut, I may have meant destructive interference; ripple crossing.

Try this Doris: http://www.kettering.edu/~drussell/demos.html

A kid with no love for formulae can still get the gist from the pictures.

Carol said...

Okay - I meme'd. And damn boring it is too!

A secret blog? Oh, man, now I'm alive with curiousity. I hate not knowing stuff.

Ally said...

Done it!

doris said...

I've done a diet version of ten things! AKA one thing!!!! :-)

Writer Mom said...

Pork scratchings? Those sound awful...(are those pork rinds?)

*I've been away. Please forgive. I know you understand.