21 December 2005

Christmas Wishes and a late Meme

I had a brilliant idea for a post today, haha. I was going to blow the google page rank and sacrifice any status beyond that of an amoeba at TTLB, by listing and linking to every one of you, to say Happy Christmas.

I had a couple of words to say to each of my 'friends' - the daily reads, and the people who have become email friends as well as blog commenters.

I had a couple of words to say about all the others, the people who I rarely visit and who rarely visit me, but when we cross paths they are kind and funny, open and welcoming.

I've been keeping all my blog comments since March this year, with a separate folder for 'off blog' stuff. Hotmail isn't playing and won't let me order them alphabetically and well, wow. I bit off more than I can chew. Too, too many nice people.

I'm not going to mess about listing the few most valued friends, because that would involve creating a cut-off point - it was alpahabetical or nothing, and I'm stuffed. So, so many nice people that I have real reason to wish good things, on top of a Happy Christmas, that I don't know where to start. I may mention a few now, but I'm not going to link.

This brings me back to a meme that Annie (Host Of Spirits) set. It had stumped me, but now, knowing what I'd wish to each of you and seeing what that means about me, I am ready to answer.

The things I would wish for myself boil down to wishing for a real, all consuming purpose.
Not just your usual 'get up in the morning and make the world a better place or achieve something' type purpose. I realise I need feedback. I need to be involved with others. I want to work from home because my family comes first and God gave me a chaotic, wonky, wonderful family, which means I need to be (am) 'on call', but that involves a lot of hanging around. I want to fill the 'me time' with a challenge, a bit of inspiration, and with something thats needed by someone else. I need to be needed - it puts a spring in my step and makes me work harder, I need to make an end product that somebody else can be pleased with, or help me improve. I wish for myself:
  • a purpose
  • a passion
  • a focus
  • a learning curve
  • to be part of a team
  • to be making a difference
  • to be excited to get up in the morning because today (every day) I am going to find out something wonderful, hug somebody new, make someone smile right when they really could use it, and make this wonderful, exciting world a better place.
What I would wish for the world:

I wish that there would be a quiet coup. I wish that, irrespective of who has office, whose 'job it is', that the secret poets, the quiet souls, the hopers and huggers would just get up and take over. That they would work a little more openly, just a little further outside of their comfort zones, to make the world a better place. That, in doing this, they would spot each other and start an underground support network, a mental list of good guys, of people who have 'the plan'.

I wish that the world was run by those that can really see other people - hopes, fears, needs, deceits, and act peacefully and fairly according to those; that the world was run, street by street, bus stop by bus stop, based on whats fair. People like the empaths (I know too many of you to list), the righteous, the balancers, the open minded; the ones like Rachel From North London who can hate the sin but love the sinner - sort out the mess and undo the damage without retaliation. Even just chipping at it, by making the world one tiny bit less chaotic at a time.

I would like to wish the world a bigger dose of...
  • faith
  • love
  • wisdom
  • discernment.
....the thing is, I can't. They're already here, by the bucketload. Hiding.

For Christmas then, and for the New Year, I wish you a softer, kinder, more forgiving world. I wish you the joy of seeing someone else do the right thing, be the bigger man, be a hero and a peacemaker and a healer. If you take that role, then I wish you validation. I wish us all the thrill of knowing that all the ifs and wishes that float around in our heads aren't our own little secrets; that there IS love and patience and common sense in this world and that they can and do make a difference. I want you to see and feel good karma in action.

I wish for each and every one of us to find the friends and the reasons to rekindle hope and enthusiasm, not just for our families but for humanity. To begin to be the people we knew we were supposed to be, back when we were small and innocent and cuddled up in love and hope and trust.

Faith, hope and charity, guys.

And joy in it. It's never too late to smile.


Ally said...


Tabby Rabbit said...

That's a really heart-warming post (the sort that actually contributes to a softer, kinder, more forgiving world...)

Jennifer said...

Beautiful, beautiful. Happy Christmas to you and yours. May it be the merriest yet.

Writer Mom said...

Been wishing to write something simliar for some time...
You beat me to it, with more eloquence...
So glad you're out there.
I feel ya.
(working my way back--lots going on)
You're true beauty.
Happy holidays. :)

doris said...

Wonderful. Wonderful. Your post and sentiments are golden and violet and shining and beautiful.

May the good energies that are here, rise up and unite for the good of the world. I like the idea of a coup!

Happy, happy Christmas!

fineartist said...

Fingers and toes crossed right along with you on these gems that you wish for...

jane said...

That was beautiful, Cheryl. I wish a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you & your family.
I wish for us all a peaceful & tolerant world.

Hawaiianmark said...

Very nice wishes.

All too true.

Scattering joy at ya.


zilla said...

Beautiful and timely. Amen!

She Weevil said...

I wish for you whatever you wish for yourself for Christmas and the New Year. A merry, merry Christmas Cheryl and big hugs.

ella m. said...

That post made me actually like Christmas for a little while (no small feat)

the merriest of christmases to you and yours, who must know they are blessed by the presence of someone truly special.

Rain said...

another great post :) Merry Christmas to you.

Tanda said...

That's just what I needed to get me into the holiday spirit. You're obviously able to appreciate all that you have, and even don't have. I admire that.

Thanks for the pep talk.

Host of Spirits said...

Brill ... just popping in to say Merry Xmas from all here in France

Annie said...

Interesting post. It makes me think when I come here. Hope you & yours have a very Happy Christmas.

Ally said...

Have a lovely christmas!

bart said...

cheryl... whatever happens, just keep on smiling and laughing because i think its one of the things you do best ;-)

christmasses come and go, but the well-wishes of people who care remain... i'm hoping that this new year will mark an important start for you in the direction(s) you need...

oh, b.t.w... you asked, i'm on paroxitine, a seroxat derivative... works well for me, not all to many side-effects this time :D

happy days, happy nights and ENJOY YOURSELF, DESPITE WHATEVER...

keep well...

rashbre said...

Season's greetings!

The Jamoker said...

ditto on the AMEN. thanks for the nice thoughts. we can always keep hoping and dreaming. merry christmas and happy new year to you and yours.

Library Lady said...

It's never too late to smile, and sometimes it's the only way to get through the rough spots.

Happy (belated)Christmas, Cheryl. Hope the next one is a LOT more cheery!

Cheryl said...

Library Lady - touche, and thank you!

I guess the test of a conviction is whether it survives the world doing a 180. I'm hanging on in there. :-)

I appreciate your wishes and home your holidays were wonderful this year.