30 December 2005

Secret Santa!!!!!!!!


Oh I had two posts lined up for today - one following on from yesterday's plus one because Zilla tagged me for a meme.

Scrap that, sorry it's all on hold.

I woke up to the postman ringing the doorbell this morning (over here the letter boxes are built into the front doors and if something won't go through the hole you have to answer the door) - anyway - I got a Secret Santa!

To be fair the 'Secret' part of that is because the parcel was sent weeks and weeks ago and wasn't actually meant to be anything at all to do with Christmas - but who cares! Its Christmas and I got to open a parcel from a friend in America, full of goodies.

Way, way back in the mists of time October (can you remember that far back?) I mentioned to Jane that we never got Candy Corn in the UK. Just as far back on November 1st she bought, packed and posted me some. Well no, not some, TWO 12 oz bags, plus pop rocks and other candy and two varieties of Wonka sweets that we can't get at all over here in my corner of the UK, like Everlasting Gobstoppers. I can see Son angling to take those to school - not to eat (no sweets allowed at school over here) but to show off.

My reciprocal gift, because Jane wanted to try some, was a miserable box of English teabags - a much lighter gift that should have made its way much faster. I guess they completely fell off the boat somewhere in honour of history. That or someone somewhere is richer by a box of teabags that they never wanted!

Jane mate - now that I know we actually can post something to each other and have it arrive, I will re-send. I will also reconsider the contents given this mass of treats!

In with the parcel and rather crumpled from the journey were some pictures - one of Jane and Tarzan and a couple of their pet, who is gorgeous. Nine year old Daughter is oohing and cooing and wants to adopt the pet. She has also decided that Tarzan looks a bit like Big Son. I am waiting for 'we must be related' and then 'can we go visit?' Give it an hour or so.

Me - under duress from the kids I ripped open a bag of candy corn as soon as it got here and we had one piece each. It's delicious. It's also a little bullet packed with corn syrup and not to be attempted on an empty stomach before your system is functioning in the morning. I intend on eating a good few more once I've peeled my sugar-shot self back off the ceiling and had about six cups of coffee. Yes, I think six should do it.

Jane - THANK YOU!!!! I keep looking at your face in the picture. It so explains you - so joyful and unassuming and gentle and up for a laugh. It belongs to you, exactly the way you come across in your blog. I hope you don't mind me saying.

Maybe its the sugar rush, but while I wouldn't mind a brick in my stomach to settle things back down, I have no intention of wiping this huge grin off my face, all day.


Kim said...

lol, you haven't lived until you have eaten candy corn enmasse for breakfast! Stuff three or four handfulls and wash it down with coffee. One at a time.... I've never heard of such a thing!

Cheryl said...

OK so I'm a corn syrup wuss!

Cheryl said...

And these are NOT corn sized - they are Brach's big bugger half a little finger sized things.

Yummy - I just have to ease in to it.........

zilla said...

Stopppppp! You're eating them wrong, all wrong!

First you have to nibble off the little white tip, being careful not to take any orange with it. When that's completely dissolved in your mouth, you may nibble off the larger, orange, middle section. This will take considerably longer to dissolve, but just see if you can refrain from chewing. Finally, pop the remaining yellow part into your mouth and chew at will, knowing that you have almost an entire bag left with which to repeat the process.

Hug your pancreas today.

Everlasting Gobstopper lessons coming soon!

ella m. said...

Candy corn on lavishly frosted cupcakes always was a favorite of mine, enough to venture a trip to the forbidden kitchen to bake some.

testblog8 said...

I'm so relieved they finally arrived and that they got you high, lol. I'm hoping I also sent you some of those sour worm thingies (I don't know the name). But they're usually a favorite with kids.
I ate them like 'zilla did too. It was fun, plus it made them last a whole longer. But being ths is your first experience, heck, eat away woman!!
You know, we can make this a tradition each Halloween. I can mail them in October or so & hopefully you'll get them by the end of the year. I'd get a real kick out of that. ;)
As for the tea, remember you let me pick and thats what I wanted! I've always heard so much about English tea, and someday soon (hopefully with this postal service) I'll get them.
If potbellied pigs are allowed where you live (cuz I know there are some in the UK) they make the BEST of pets. They're the 4th smartest animals & despite the conditions they're kept in, they are clean animals.
I'm so happy that you're so happy. You made my day a good one!

Ally said...

Speaking from my crazed-with-mince-pies-and-sherry corner of the universe, I am jealous :).

fineartist said...

What a delightful post.

There is another way to enjoy corn candy….if you mix it with salty peanuts it has an incredible sweet and salty taste that is AMAZINGLY addictive. Much like a payday candy bar. Do you guys have those over there?

Enjoy your sugar rush sweetie!

Fuckkit said...

We would have external mailboxes but they'd be full of half-eaten kebabs and vomit every weekend.