30 December 2005

Five Weird Things About Me Meme

Thanks Zilla!

Ground Rules: The first player of this game posts his or her 5 Weird Habits, then chooses 5 people to tag by listing their names at the end.
  1. I am audio digital. This means that before I could even contemplate finding any answers to this meme I spent 24 hours mulling over what exactly is meant by weird and whether the concept (let alone the state) actually exists, except by the judgement of those who deem themselves to be 'not weird'. It exists all right, theres nothing weirder than someone who thinks they have it all sussed. Or maybe it doesn't because that's subjective and I don't think I am 'not weird', except hang on a minute yes I do because I just said weird didn't exist so I have just found a huge hole in my own hypothesis (are there doctors for that?) and I am back to square one.
  2. When I need to centre myself (read when tipsy) I completely unconsciously apply pressure to the top of my head. If you see me chatting away like normal but with the base of my wine glass planted so firmly on the crown of my noggin that it could be growing there, then you know its time to force-feed me carbs.
  3. When I am concentrating on a heavy question I grind my front teeth together. This is harder than it sounds because I have a slight overbight and it involves sticking my bottom jaw out. That's the only time I look like Griff Rhys Jones. Yes there are also Joneses in my history along with Dodds and Welsh-Russian Jewish guys called Ivor. Thankfully 98% of Wales is called Jones which is why I am so anxious for somebody from America to tell me what Jonesing means; so that I can adopt a new complex and then share it.
  4. I can whistle in two and a half octaves. This is because I have a gap between my front teeth (a la Madonna) these days. It sounds like two different people whistling, however, because theres a crossover between ranges where I have to reposition my tongue. So I practice. A lot. In the kitchen. My fave is Toccata and fugue in D minor but I only remember the name because I once went out with an organist. He had really agile feet.
  5. I am usually the last one up. When the house starts cooling and creaking I speak to the louder sudden noises. I say daft things like "Hello" (original, that one) or "Pack that up." Its always such a relief when no-one answers.
I tag: Ally, Fineartist, Kim, Library Lady (gosh, I hope she does memes) and Purple Dragon.

(I would have tagged Doris but I think she has a cold. I also tag anyone else who wants to play, but let me know in the comments so I can come and see?)


mrshellonheels said...

I could fill a book on the weird things about me. Yikes

Rain said...

lol, love your list. I'd like to see the tipsy head centering with head pressure behavior. Jonesing means needing something, as in addiction. "I am jonesing a ciggarette".

fineartist said...

Awesome post Cheryl, and I know what you mean, I usually see weird as slightly abnormal in a good way. Sets one apart from the crowd, I don't know how in the heck I thought it was bad habits, I was probably feeling guilty about my abnormalities...

Le laquet said...

Excellent list! Made me chortle ... off to think about my weird habits, the list is long and fruitful!

Ally said...

Wierd is as wierd does :). I'm on this, but probably not until later in the week. I need to divide my socially acceptable wierdnesses from the socially unacceptable ones :).

The Jamoker said...

like RAIN said -


Library Lady said...

Oh dear, I've been doubly infected--someone else got me for this one as well.

I will try to do this this week. People DO think I'm weird, so I'll see what I can come up with and dare to post, considering that a workmate and a dear friend both read my blog!!!!