31 December 2005

Meet The Gang!

Please bear in mind that you all shot yourselves in the foot when you answered my lookalike post, except those who commented but declined to fess up, in which case this is where I tell you who I think looks quite like you, based on the piccies on your blog. Please don't be offended!

In comment order, then:

Annie is teased for looking like Shirley Temple. Annie, forget the precocious child and look at the woman in her twenties - now that's a reasonable match!


Bart got told he looked like Leif Garrett, so I've dug up three pictures, one 'high fashion' (of the time) and one each for the pre and post lip gloss eras.


Not sure about Banderas, but Zorro, definitely. Well, the Zorro mask, anyway.


Cori can't believe it but has been told she looks like Lucy Lawless. I found two incarnations of the same lady to see if that helps, Cori!


This took some searching - but Kim, what would you say to a passing resemblance to Elisha Cuthbert?


Zilla has been told she looks like both Dana Delaney and Mariette Hartley. Apart from the hair colour what is obvious is how classy these ladies are. WTG Zilla.


Lady Muck
LM looks like LM, she says!


A Midler-Learned-Cattrell cross.
Well, I can see it!


Sorry SW, I know you didn't say, but I think Bette Davis takes after you very nicely. It's something about the eyes - quiet, sharp intelligence. So you!


Writer mom!
WM didn't volunteer a name either but Wulfie and I think she looks very much like a fresh-faced Cameron Diaz (like before Hollywood wrestled Ms D to the floor and applied makeup with a trowel)


Steve at Wittering Heights
I actually happen to know what Steve looks like. I think he is MUCH more like a Tracy brother (John, by preference), although he says he really looks like Joe 90,

but I suspect he just has a secret 'thing' for the transformation cage, hehe.


who just happened to be surfing through.
A Jodie/Callista cross, apparently. Hi Daisy!


Le Laquet
Mary Hopkin meets C Zita Jones - wow!

Pleased to meet you!


Host of Spirits said...

Next time anyone has a Shirley Temple comment I'm gonna whip out that sophisticated pic and wave it under their noses !!

Kim said...

I MUST say I'm infinitely more flattered by your opinion of who I look like than what I've been told in the past! The only names I can recall are Jodie Foster, Nancy Grace and some chick from 90210 (I've never watched that show so I don't know if it's a good thing or bad). Thanks though, and sorry you had to spend so much time trying to find someone, lol. I think it's because my 10 freaking kids have created wrinkles that cannot be duplicated in nature and I have that perpetual horrified shock expression.
Thanks again!

Rain said...

Wowee, nice job ME.

Le laquet said...

LMAO! Excellent, sadly I'm only a sound-a-likey not a look-a-likey!

fineartist said...

Well I'll be a son-of-a....omg, I do look like Bette Midler, she is much prettier though...seriously, I never noticed it, although my mannerisms are much like hers. In person I am sort of a bawdy old gal, well not TOO crude, but with family, you know?

You nailed everyone else too, WoW.
We are a interesting, great lookin bunch of chicks! Who says so? I do.

Omg, Cheryl this post was absolutely BRILLIANT. I enjoyed this muchly, and I am sure everyone else will too. WoW, wow and wow. I loved this post. YOU, you are brilliant, and you take me to my happy place.

Now I’m off to sing wind beneath my wings, oh if only I could sing like Bette…

Anonymous said...

Lollipops, anyone?


Cheryl said...

Thanks 'Vinny'
Just had alphabet soup..........

HoS - I should think so!

Kim - welcome!

Rain - thanks :-)

Laquet - nightingale meets Welsh gold - still wow.

Fineartist - You are SO welcome. No, she's not prettier, not even photo to photo and you have to remember she was preened, pampered, dressed, made-up, coiffed and probably digitally enhanced to look that good - aka as good as you. Own it!

zilla said...

Wonderful, fun post! And you are much too kind to me.

Secretly, I'm envious of Fineartist. A root, a toot, a tootley ah ta too-toot ah!

Cheryl said...

Vineyard - so sorry, was on the jolly juice - meant animal crackers in my soup ;-)

Zilla - kind? These ladies have had two hours with a makeup and hair team, and lighting etc. Probably kind to them xxxx

bart said...

hehe... thanks for that, i'd more or less forgotten what he looked like, although i'm more like the guy with the hat now :P

The Jamoker said...

Having seen both WriterMother AND Cameron Diaz in person, I can say that there IS a resemblance. BUT, Cameron WAS pretty trashy lookin when I saw her...hehehe

Seriously, unfortunately for WriterMother, she always gets told she looks like me. She's been scarred for life as a result.

Writer Mom said...

When I was a blonde, I was told I looked like Tina Yothers.

My Grandma said Sally Field.

I think I repressed all the others.

So this was definitely quite a compliment.

Now I'm quite curious as to when my look-alike-brother (Raggedy Anne and Andy, we were called) ever saw Cameron Diaz in person! Jamoker is much hotter than Justine Timberlake, by the way.

You're too much, Cheryl. Thanks for starting my year off with a big smile.

ella m. said...

I didn't touch the question, only because my constant appearance changes lead to comparison to different celebrities depending on what's different.

What a gorgeous bunch of commenters you must have, given they resemble so many good looking people.