08 December 2005

Oh Zilla!!!!!

Dear Zilla

THANK you for introducing me to the Two Chinese Boys.

They have been on Chinese TV - the clip is brilliant.

They have their own blog!! - The Dormitory Boys. Could things get any better?

Yes - they are TAKING REQUESTS.



Ivy the Goober said...

HA! That is the funniest thing I've seen lately. What a hoot. Can't wait to show my daughter :)

zilla said...

Priceless! Thanks, Cheryl. I posted my request for Paul Anka's "Having My Baby."

fineartist said...

I still can't get this to down load, darned dial up. But I will check out the blog.

Zilla, you crack me up.

Rain said...

That is priceless! thank you Zilla and Cheryl.

Ally said...

Wonderful, made me smile and I'm grumpy this morning! :)

Badaunt said...

Somebody sent me that recently, and what I want to know is this: what is the guy behind them DOING? Popping a zit? Cleaning his teeth obsessively? WHAT?

Cheryl said...

Badaunt - I can't wait to see the one you are referring to - they have done quite a few different videos, but yes, the guy in the background normally features somehow - in one, at the end, you can finally see all of him, and he is sitting on a bed with no trousers on.