10 December 2005

Marmite and Life Goals

I used to think I hated marmite.

Coming from a kid who preferred hot horseradish sauce to sugar (unless it was in a sugar sandwich,) over did it with the Heinz Salad Cream and Dad's sauce at every opportunity and once had to be banned from the PLJ (pure lemon juice) for drinking it neat, that anti-marmite statement might seem odd.

The thing is, I had (still have) a brother who lives on the stuff. I guess my mum got too used to doing toast and marmite or (aaargh) marmite sandwiches for school packed lunch, the way that he liked/likes them - not a delicious tangy smear just tinting the butter, but thick and black from corner to corner.

Anyone who says they don't like marmite, but who still has an appetite for curry or wine, Worcester sauce or anything remotely piquant or tangy, was probably introduced to the stuff in an over concentrated form. A bit like your first introduction to curry being a jar of concentrated madras paste, on it's own.

I continued in that assertion until a friend and her sister made tea for me one day, with great enthusiasm, as it was their favourite treat: Cheesy scrambled eggs on toast and marmite.


A whole handful of Twiglets is too much for me, starts to make my tongue feel a little abraded, but marmite in the right proportions is fantastic. I was hooked.

So - the invisible point number three on my list of 'not 43 things' is:

Wait until a certain lady is established where she is supposed to be, get over there, invade her and Vineyard (commenter, post below) and force-feed her cheesy scrambled egg on toast and butter and just a tiny, even, smearing of marmite.

If she still hates it, I'll concede, but I know I'll have at least one other person there to help me polish it off!

Vineyard - watch out - prepare for invasion. OK?

By the way, searching for the Twiglet piccy, I came across the Wooldale Co-Operative Society, a British Co-op that delivers all over - US, France etc, under the name of The Ex-Pat Shopping Co-op. Handy.


doris said...

I love marmite, but sadly, as an adult it does unkind things to my insides and repeats like a puffing steam train on acid. So I generally avoid it.

Sometimes I still hanker over cheese and marmite sandwiches, given in and then get the consequences. Never tried peanut butter and marmite, nor scrambled eggs with the stuff.

Through our bad influence, Mr Doris now prefers his hot buttered crumpets with a smear of marmite.

Host of Spirits said...

If he so much as dares even considering giving me marmite I'll rip off his arm and beat him with the soggy end !!

Don't you dare encourage him woman !!

By the way the nickname 'vineyard' just don't suit him as I've always thought of him as the 'man in the moon'

Anonymous said...

My first wife was American, and her first experience of Marmite was of the thick layer type. She spread it like peanut butter. After that it took a while for her to get to like it, but she did. Maybe I should send her a jar this year... Her new husband is Australian, so he should like Vegemite, and Marmite is similar only better.
Meantime, with Host of Spirits it's worse. She doesn't even like Twiglets (a reasonably wholesome snack) so I'm going to have problems sneaking the odd Marmite sandwich past her radar. Maybe she won't smell it if I dose her up on Bailey's first. There's always hope.
Try cheese and Marmite microwaved till the cheese runs.
This could be our first (possibly only) disagreement. Serious stuff.


zilla said...

Mmm...Marmite. Spread thin on extremely grain-laden crackers. Do you say crackers?

And Vegemite, too.

I had a roommate in college who used to toast a slice of seven-grain bread, sprinkle it liberally with brewer's yeast, then pour on the Clancy's Hot Sauce. Never could make myself try it, but when you're passing out hungry in the UK or down under, the yeasty cracker spread is fast and satisfying.

I must be hungry. Please leave this post up so I can nab that link & order some yum when I get back!

The Editter said...

I think I hate marmite. But could be tempted, possibly, by the scrambled egg suggestion. Except I threw out the marmite I found in the cupboard as it had expired.

Rain said...

hmm Marmite, not popular here in the US or twigs, whatever those pretzels were called. It would be fun to compare our products.

bulb said...

Marmite, chilli powder, masala, chopped rettich (no idea what they call that in English), sambal, ginger paste......... mmmm

fineartist said...

I tried vegemit once, I REALLY tried to like it, too. I remember....it made my tongue retract back up into my tonsils. I made a kkkkkk sounds.

I'm guessing it's an acquired taste?

So, do you plan on attending the honeymoon? JK. Heeeeeeeeeeeee.

fineartist said...

There I go again type first think sometime long after. I so suck.

Cheryl said...

The Engagement and The Wedding deffo.
The Honeymoon? No thank you!

Host of Spirits said...

What engagement? What wedding? What Honeymoon?

Until the man gets over this marmite fixation it's seperate beds and knickers stay firmly on.

Cheryl said...

Aww Annie!

I hear they do some very confortable head harnesses with inbuilt gas masks - you'd only need one to take turns.

Want me to dig up some links? If not - take the filters off google and search for BDSM or fetish.

Better yet - do an ebay search for Latex - ROFL!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why is the head harness needed? The mind boggles.
Meantime, Marmite spread on the knickers should get them off nicely. I hope it doesn't stain them.


Cheryl said...

Cough cough

And moving right along..........


bart said...

whatever happens, i'm sticking with the vegemite, thank you very much...
warm toast, half melted butter, some vegemite and a slice or two of cheese... hmmm...