11 December 2005

No no no noooooo!!


She Weevil said...

My children are now laughing at the poor ickle ducklings and I'm feeling slightly drained. I've drug up monsters, I tell ye.

Badaunt said...

Did you take these?! They're hilarious, and sad. Poor little mother duck needs a bigger brain.

Reminds me of the time we gave a bantam hen duck eggs, and they hatched. The first time they walked into the little pond and started swimming she went into HYSTERICS. And she went into hysterics every time after that, too. She wasn't a particularly bright bird.

ME Strauss said...

Hi Cheryl,
I don't know where you got these pictures, but you should send them to a greeting card company if you won them. Or make a giant poster that says "life is about paying attenton." If that happened to me I know my husband would be standing there saying "You dropped somethhing."
"Thank you dear, that was helpful. Now shut up and get me a stick or somthing."


fineartist said...

Heeeeeee, puts an entirely new light on dropping off the kids.

Let's hope who ever photographed this, saved the kids for her too.