28 December 2005

Err, Okayyyyyy......

how jedi are you?
:: by lawrie malen


fineartist said...

OMG, Liam is beautiful.

Last night I was drinking a little bit of merlot...and I was at your husbands blog and I suggested that he and you should partner your blogs. He has some hell-a funny stuff in that blog of his...

anyway, then I got to thinking, would I want MY man in my blog? Oh hell no. Then it wouldn't be MINE anymore. He would change the flavor of MY blog. So, yah, I was a little swooshy, okay I was drunk. Your blog and your mans are both marvelous just the way they are. Please ignore the drunk chick who doesn't always think before she types.

Cheryl said...

Oh Fineartist you are a sweetie.
In an upside-down way he already HAS partnered on my blog - he posts five or six times a day, always funny, funny, funny; he pinched all my links to funny resources and then added loads more to his own list and well, to be honest, force fed a diet of ho ho ho from the computer next to mine, I have gone off being funny myself, altogether. He has changed the whole tempo of my blog.
So yes, I probably COULD use a couple of lighter posts on here, but with Mr Witty at it 24/7 I just can't think of any.
I'll just have to settle for being evil and sarcastic!

Tanda said...

That's just the way we like you, babe.

I wouldn't share my blog with anyone. Ever. Period. It's the one part of my life that I can control. Completely.

It was a sweet and romantic idea, though, Fineartist.

bulb said...

How to recognise a chicks blog: A clear cut Star Wars post and you guys start talking about "relationships".


fineartist said...

After ragging us for getting all relationshippy, Bulb has pinched your funny site too, and posted that HE is Han Solo who sports a big wookie.

I think you are funny as all hell, especially when you are evil and sarcastic. And Tanda you're the bomb chick, really.

Now bulb, if you payed more attention to this relationship ewwww, stuff, you might get....some....female.............attention.

Le laquet said...

I'll bet good money on me being some lowly droid just bumming around the universe avoiding Jabba the hutt .... just my luck!