16 December 2005

Christmas Spirit

We all know that people are the same
wherever you go
There's good and bad in everyone
We learn to live, we learn to give each other
What we need to survive
Together alive

When McCartney and Stevie Wonder sang that it was all about race relations within a single, western society. Maybe I was blinded by consumerism when I first heard it, but for me it seems to take on more and more of a global reference.

I'm so glad I don't work for a big company. I'm so glad my husband's work doesn't have a Christmas 'do'. I'm so glad I am out of the sales driven loop of party dresses, party shoes, hair-dos and alcohol, shopping trips and lunches out, the lot. The blind little rat run that convinces you all these things are desired or even necessary. The consumerist trap that waves sparkly things at us and cashes in as we behave like brainless, enthralled magpies. The one that has us all looking in the mirror, sucking in the gut, comparing our finery, our income, our attitude and 'party spirit' to those around us until consumerism becomes a measure of having a good time, and having a good time becomes a measure of entering into the spirit of the season.

One day when the kids are bigger, I may slip back in to that life - never say never - but today I know I will sit down to a huge Turkey dinner next Friday, ostensibly in the name of Christ and of peace and of goodwill to all men. At some point in the day I will mentally shut the door on the outside world and wallow in a comfort of my own making, one that relates only to my nearest and dearest, to myself and to the satsumas, nuts, chocolates, or what movie is on the telly. At the moment that happens I will consider it to be all good Christmas Cheer. All will be right with the world, in my tiny brain, simply because all will be indulged, in 'my' world.

It's not right, is it.


Ally said...

I don't think it's wrong. Time for oneself and ones family is important. It it was all you did ALL the time then that would be terrible. But you don't. So it's not. Okay! :)

birdychirp said...

I believe you can only do what you can do - and if we all did as much as we can, as much of the time as we can, the world would be a better place. You're doing your best, methinks!

bart said...

i can follow your reasoning, it's a trap indeed... if you're comfortable and feel safe in your own world, you can face the outside one on your own terms... that's all you need :D

doris said...

Er.... next Friday? Is that Christmas day... has it been moved forward three days or have you just acquired three days or do you just start early? Ooooo what fun - can I come LOL

Writer Mom said...

Sounds like a perfect Christmas get-together to me.
More people should try it, instead of hounding everyone else to join them for their fabulous feasts.

zilla said...

Sounds perfect to me. Can't imagine for a minute why it would be wrong.

fineartist said...

Celebrating with your love bugs, nestled in sanctuary with special treats. Contentment is a good thing. We must allow ourselves to feel joy in the times of contentment.

Badaunt said...

Christmas Day here is a normal working day (Except if you're teaching at universities, which break up for the New Year break right after the Emperor's birthday public holiday on the 23rd.) They still play horrible tinkly tinny Christmas music at all the shops, though, which drives me up the wall.

Of course this year it's on Sunday, as I see you have noticed, and it won't be a normal working day. I will spend the day at a flea market.