17 December 2005


I heard a rumour -

Is it really true that a standard Burger King burger costs 49 cents (27p) in the US?

We get 'special deals' occasionally that make certain small items only 99p ($1.70), but mostly burgers starts at £1.99 ($3.50) and the meals are all in the £4 ($7) range.

No answers yet, the nearest to telling was finartist's comment but I don't know if she's joking. The cheapest meat for home cooking in the UK is ground beef (we call it mince) at about £1 per pound on the low quality end of the range. Most meats are about £5 a kilo/£2.50 a pound.

It doesn't matter. I guess I should have asked the price of a MacDonalds quarter pounder, lovingly known in our family as a plastic-burger. To be honest its been so long since I looked at either, I'd still have to ask someone else in the UK to confirm out prices in case they've gone up.

Someone claims to have heard this 49 cents price and got the idea that any sort of over the counter hamburger in America costs a quarter to a half the UK price. They took the info on board as true and were saying things like 'no wonder some Americans live on the things and eat four at a time.'

I just wondered. It wouldn't surprise me because I remember just over a year ago when the petrol (gas) prices went up and there was this huge outcry from American friends, moaning how expensive it was going to be to regularly drive 400 miles to see family. In the UK you'd have to position yourself first to drive much more than that (or even as far as that) without running out of dry land altogether. It all seemed upside down and back to front, when we worked out Americans were paying a half to a third as much for their gas at that point in time and up in arms about a price hike. A bit like seeing how the other half lived.

So I just thought I'd ask.


Universal Soldier said...

And do we really care that much?!

zilla said...

Amazing coincidence.

My girls had a skate exhibition this morning. I was sitting in the bleechers and who should come sit next to me but Ike-may Asciano-cay, my former boss at Burger King.

At the start of my divorce Mike was kind enough to hire me to supplement what little support the court awarded me, and the incomes from a boarder, freelance artwork, and babysitting. Mike and each of his siblings own one of five local BKs.

I'll be damned if I know the price of a regular burger these days, but in 1997 it was $0.89. Add ten cents for cheese :-)

My seldom but standard BK order: double whopper with only catsup & extra onion. BK french fries SUCK.

fineartist said...

you guys are getting ripped.

ME Strauss said...

God I haven't been to BK for years, but I sure would like bacon cheeseburger right about now.

Shannon said...

Cheryl, I don't think they are that cheap, even back when you had to go pick out your own cow and butcher it then cook the burger for yourself.

*tongue is firmly in cheek there*

I rarely eat at a BK so I dunno.

cheesemeister said...

Golly, no. The standard Burger King burger, last time I checked, which was a couple years ago was at least 99 cents.
I guess I've found other ways to destroy my health in the past two years!
And of course you have to add cheese, which was 25 cents last time I checked.
Cheesy Cie

dave said...

When ever I feel the need for the fried grease fix I do the MD's thing and get their double cheese burger which costs 1$ US. After one of those there is no need to do it again for another month or so.