30 April 2005

Today's Five Things

I have worked out that if I blog my five things, then blogging time doesnt count - haha.

  1. Take the three baby guinea pigs to the pet shop. This will involve chasing two children to get dressed in clothes that are actually fit to be seen (one wants to be Britney Spears and the other has Norman Wisdom's attitude to trouser legs), boxing them up (the guinea pigs, not the children, but its a thought), calling a taxi (we have no car), getting down there en mass and dragging the kids away again. This will probably also involve being the 'evil one' for the rest of the day.
  2. Come straight back and change the mummy guinea-pig's cage. It is foul, but I have hung back a day til the babies go. This is a horrible job when its overdue, but at least I wont have to leave kids watching too many creatures with a penchant for pooping wherever they are and hiding behind sofas, eating electrical cables etc. Uric acid does horrible things to the bottom layer of newspaper and this is going to involve scraping and scrubbing. Yuk.
  3. Go back out and do the weekend shopping.
  4. Wash the school uniform and put it away safe - its a long weekend, so otherwise, in this house, items are guaranteed to get lost before Tuesday.
  5. Looooooong, steamy, 'bugger off and ask your father' bath, where I will be UNAVAILABLE, even to ten year olds who think that if its urgent (such as wanting to know where the felt tips went) I can be addressed through a bathroom door. Gary has this way of looking at the sport on TV so sternly that the kids would sooner interrupt me than him, so I am not sure this one will work............

1 comment:

Kim said...

lol, I can relate to that post! Especially the disappearing uniform and the kid who is Brittany, mine has thankfully abandoned Brittany but has become "Ice Princess" (oh thanks ever so much Disney). My grand sons are currently Pirates.... Enjoy your bath!