17 April 2005

Gone Completely Potty

Hahaha. There was a woman blogger who intrigued me - a New Yorker in the UK (plenty of them, so anonymous so far), she still seemed particularly anti-British and a little full of herself, but I thought this was perhaps too OTT to be true and therefore satirical. Hey, don't be sarcastic - Americans can do satire - even New Yorkers, if you explain it, I'm sure.

Anyhow her latest entry was about the woes of having to leave the bed for the bathroom and announced that she had designed a potty for adults (rather flat looking I thought, so it could have been a bed pan) anyhow, it had an animal face on it and was, she said, going to emit sounds of encouragement, it was going to say 'Thank you'.

Sarcasm, yes? Toilet humour? All very tongue-in-cheek?

I was her first commenter. I expressed ROFL and suggested a bucket might be nicer as you could at least put a lid on it to hold in the smell, that or not drink so close to bedtime - I thought I was joining the spirit of the wind-up.

Sadly, it seems she meant it! It seems she didnt appreciate my humour either! My comment is nowhere to be seen and I guess it was summarily deleted. She does, however have 53 comments (53? She never gets that many comments) saying what a 'brilliant idea' it is. I don't remember this bit before, but now the bottom of her post says she has patented it. That HAS to be a joke, some woman patented and failed to sell talking potties a few years back, even though hers were aimed at your more usual po-filling toddlers the concept is the same.

I give up. Some people are just so far up their own backsides they think people want to know they like to toot and puddle in bed, onto a teddy bear thing that says thank you. Mind you, if you're into all that on another level, there are some specialist websites out there - and I bet a rubber bear is easier to clean than a fluffy one......

She is right off my list; not because of her personal preferences, but because I think people that delete comments when they werent meant as an insult are just scummy. As scummy as a potty with limescale.


Just another American Expat said...

Tis true Cheryl. Ya know, most of us that Blog have a screw or two loose but then you run into the real basket case now and then. I mean, the ole “toot and puddle” in the bed is one thing…we all have a fetish or two…right? But how can anyone in his or her right mind be anti-British?

Cheryl said...

Thank you, you perfect example of a sarcastic American, you! :-)

Badaunt said...

I was laughing and laughing at a blog I was reading one day, thinking it was humour. How well this person has portrayed a REALLY STUPID person! I thought. He should be writing novels! This is so believeable!

I carried on reading and gradually realized it was genuine stupidity. But it is amazingly ... innocent. There was something gripping about the way he was writing so confidently, as if he knew the world would agree with his assessment of why his life was such a mess. It was a bit like reading one of those novels where you know something the main character doesn't, only in this case what you knew was that the main character was irretrievably stupid and that's why his life was such a mess.

It made me quite depressed, so I stopped reading it.