04 April 2005


This is the best funny I could find on the web today.

Some men, I am sure, will look at it and just think 'neat trick', but what gets me is that this girl does aerial acrobatics and generally displays SKILL, but the men seem too busy congratulating themselves to even notice that, nor even that she whacked the back of her head on the way back down.

"The woman did some fancy moves? Yeah sure but look what we did! We rock!"

I can imagining her staggering out of shot before throwing up and even then I doubt they'd notice unless they slipped in it.



Badaunt said...

My brain is tying itself in knots trying to imagine what this is. When I click the link I get pages and pages of gibberish.

I guess that means I'll have to boot into Mac OSX to see it. (I'm still on OS 9 most of the time, dinosaur that I am.)

Peruby said...

Now I have a headache! That HAD to hurt!

PSP Politics, Sports and Philosophy said...

That was pretty cool!

The one guy kinda asked her if she was okay... kinda,,,, sort of ...