06 April 2005

I'm Smug!

Today I am oh-so-super pleased with myself.

I took a chance and re-promoted a poem I did on Fanstory, and it gained a couple of extra reviews for being visible again.

This was enough to bring it to the overnight attention of the Committee and I woke up this morning to an email telling me it had been awarded an 'All Time Best' ribbon. My first!

These ribbons aren't as super-duper as all that, but they are awarded to less than five percent of the work on the site and top 5% sounds pretty brilliant to me (even as a sour little voice in my head points out thats only the same as being one in twenty.)

Hey ho.

It was a contest piece, and for that my first acrostic. Anyway, now I know its 'half good ish' and I am feeling, as I say, SMUG, I am going to inflict it on you, below.

By all means think it is total crap - thats fine, but if you think you could do better, pop over to Fanstory and enter the contest - to my mind pitting myself against really excellent competition is the only way I can improve. Its all good.


Inconsequential words and lives, can such as these exist?
Nonsensical, unnecessary, never seen nor missed?
Cruel fate, to brand one human life unwanted by the whole,
Obsolescent to the world, an isolated soul.
No hopes or dreams could long survive damnation's bitter dart.
Suffocating silently, an indurated heart
Eventually concedes defeat, prepares to always fail,
Questioning no longer how this horror could prevail.
Unstitching every wishful thought, unpicking every prayer
Expunging self-respect until there's nothing to repair.
No longer recognising they were once as you or me;
This cruel word becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
If you and I should disagree, in anything at all
Ask God that neither one of us should ever feel so small
Lest one should burn and one, unwanted, shrivel to the pall.

Hints: (because this seems to have worked) - pick a nice long word because it gives you more room to get to the point. Double the length of your lines for the same reason - more word choices when you have lots of space for syllables

BTW: - YES I know I've got one cruel pronounced 'crule' and one 'cru-el'. I might make the second one vicious instead. You think?

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Jennifer said...

I think it's brilliant, as is.

Absolutely fabulous.