07 April 2005


Does My Bum Look Big In This?

Badaunt runs Present Simple, my first feature blog. Before we start I have to say that I think of ALL the people I like as being intelligent, witty, intellectual, all grown-up versions of the word 'nice', etc, so I have barred myself from using any of those words as a picture search because (particularly in this case) they would fit perfectly. Sadly my early efforts failed to get any pictures at all for the kind of word pairings I had in mind here such as forgetful cynic, foget sarcastic or postage irony and I had to simplify. But you get the picture, or not.

Bizarrely the cartoon here was the second item on pages of gifs and jpgs suggested by Google for the words 'gift relative'. Sorry that doesnt sound very creative, BadAunt, it's not my fault, it's Google's.

BadAunt is a New Zealand born English teacher living and working in Japan, teaching University students. Her blog covers everything about educating Japanese teenagers, bureaucracy, home life, the expatriate community; plus priceless items such as the discovery of a shiny new and abherrant tin of Golden Syrup in a Japanese market, and what precisely she did with said syrup once she got it home.

Check out her walking octopus - seriously freaky, like something out of Spongebob Squarepants, but real.........

Go giggle, and please, post a comment there and say Hi from me.


Badaunt said...

Hey! You insulted my Golden Syrup! It's my new TREASURE! Er, hold on... Abhorrent? Or aberrant? (And what's the difference anyway?) Oh, never mind - it's NEITHER. It's deliciously bad for me and yesterday I did an extra five minutes on the exercise bike at the gym so I could have it on pancakes after dinner without feeling guilty. YUM.

But I'm glad you enjoyed the octopus. I must confess I keep going back to watch it again. There's something about that long, graceful, flowing stride that has me utterly enchanted, so that I sit here with a goofy grin on my face hitting the play button over and over.

(Also, thanks!)

(And you've given me an idea... but on second thought maybe I'd better not change all references to 'The Man' to 'The Bum.' It wouldn't be nice, and I am nice, as you so astutely noted.)

Cheryl said...

Aberrant! As in unusual, sticking out like a sore thumb, a real find, etc.

Sorry for typo. I am sure you overlook many but I am blaming this one on three hours of bad sleep last night, power cuts, scared kids, ten in the bed etc (well no 4, me, him, a sprog and ultimately the bloody cat)


Badaunt said...

Oh for goodness sake, I thought aberrant meant perverse and twisted and evil or something like that. I wonder how many times I've misused it over the years? I've pretty much been using it interchangably with abhorrent.

(I've probably been mispronouncing it, too. Do you pronounce it with the emphasis on the first or second syllable?)

Cheryl said...

Erm, on the Ab, and we're both sort of right:

1. Deviating from the proper or expected course.
2. Deviating from what is normal; untrue to type.

So 'not what you'd expect to find' is as valid a meaning as 'deviant'!