12 April 2005

Once Upon a Time

Well I told you I wasnt running with a full load at the moment, and proof is that I misread a post at Michele's and rattled of a sarcastic (and badly spelt) fairy story into her comments, instead of on my own blog or by email.

Still its a fun little contest, still open to entries, if stories that end with 'happily ever after' are your thing.

The blog is also jumping right now with two posts that need their own server just for the comments, its one busy place to be!

Do you have strong opinions about adult female beauty pageants? I do, I feel that they are reliant on advertisers, who are reliant on the air space given to them on the TV, in which case it honestly does mean that if you ignore them, they will go away. I also think that cheerful and complete indifference is a nicer thing to teach our children than the other two options - physical inadequacy on the one hand and how to be outraged until you get ulcers, on the other.

Disagree with me! Plenty do - but they're doing it over at Michelle's and you can too. And if you like to be validated (or outraged) pop over and read the comments here and here - talk about variety!

Well, I had a giggle anyhow.

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