22 April 2005


Well, I see my last post got a huge vote of 'who gives a', which suits me fine. So far, since spewing it onto the page, I have had two independant and unrelated friends surprisingly admit how their lives seem to have fallen apart recently and one has pointed me to information that Mercury was in retrogade until the 12th of this month (communication all gone wrong), and in Aries (ie communication about anger, action, urgency all gone to pot) hence the higher number of evil acts over the past month etc. Apparently.

Whatever you think of astrology, I agree there has been a sense of frustration everywhere you look, which is nice, because odds are nobody noticed your particular meltdown if you had one, being too busy dealing with their own.

So, where has this got us?

POOR Jennifer over at the hysterically funny Inside My Head has removed all her posts for the time being. A nice, sensible and now very embarrassed youngster at her work found it by googling on Jennifer's real name. NOT a good idea to have your real name related to your blog, really.

Thats another reason why my own blogs are rarely about real life even though it means I can never really cut loose (note 'coward' in profile), because it can come back and bite you on the butt and, like Jennifer, I used my real name. At least my name isn't actually part of my blog address, T.F. I mean I could tell you that most of my exes are extreme weirdos, one now with modifications; that I once knew a drug dealing wife beating paedophile (well I didnt know thats what he was when I met him but sure as hell knew most of it by the time our paths hurriedly diverged), that I knew a man whos penis was thin enough to string it with onion rings (and no, that wasn't me, that was a girl some refer to as Sparky, because she shaved off her eyebrows and they never grew back barring two little firework like tufts either side of her nose), that many of the people at my last job where karmic time bombs, but no. I mean how many death threats can a girl be asked to anticipate?

Rare and special, Jennifer managed to touch on her real life without making any character assasinations at all, but still maintaining a very funny and interesting blog. So she's way nicer than me; hey, I'll live, but I'll live happier if she sets up again somewhere else.

PLEASE pop over to Jen's and tell her she HAS to set back up at another site and let us know where she is. ((((((Jen))))))))).


Just another American Expat said...

I know it’s discouraging when people don’t comment. Just go ahead and say it; “Hello???? Are you people lacking in appreciation of good writing prose? What? Is your idea of a good read the friggen Mirror?”

As for blogs and anonymity, who cares? As I see it, your real name is listed on your bank account, credit card, numerous utility bills, and not to mention...the phone book. If somebody wants to find me, or screw up my life, they can do it with or without my blog. Your anonymity is not has secure as you think.

I don’t really write much about my personal life, even though that is the basic idea of maintaining a diary or journal. If I got too personal, I might have to reveal my dirty little secrets like my extra marital affair with the old lady next door, my fetish for feet and used panties…or the fact that I dress up as Spiderman before me and Misses hit the sack. “Come here baby…let me entangle you in my web of lust.”

You get the idea.

Kim said...

damn it, you mean i could have been anonymous? ugh.

Just another American Expat said...

You know how you were taught to proof read your written work before you turned it in to your 3rd Grade teacher? In my case that was Mrs. Bowling, who looked amazingly similar to Miss Gulch before she transformed into the wicked witch of the west. Well...Mrs. Bowling’s ghost will probably haunt me pretty soon.

Jennifer said...

You're sweet, I don't care what you say. And in fairness, I used my first name, but never my last, not anywhere. She found me googling 'Jennifer blog Raleigh'.

So yeah, we're not anonymous, no matter what we may tell ourselves. How many "jennifer" blogs are out there? HUNDREDS. She got mine in the second hit.

What's a girl to do?

Set up another blog, be a little more pragmatic, and decide, really, does it matter if anyone finds it? Does anyone really care what I think? Mostly, not. They're too worried about their own lives. As long as I'm not spewing hatred or promoting some totally unidentifiable reality, why should I care, really.

I don't. Anymore. Much.


Cheryl said...


Hurry back :-)