15 April 2005

My Will (If I lived in America)

If I enter a hospice as patient, or have any form of medication, nourishment or life support removed from my person or provided in less than sufficient amounts AT ANY TIME during my treatment, then my entire estate is to be divided amongst those of my relatives who fought against all such deprivations in a proven court.

If none of my family actively support my wish to be healed rather than allowed to deteriorate, then I bequeath every penny to the cats protection league.

On no account is quality of life subsequent to treatment to be a factor, life itself is to be the only consideration. Moreover I refuse to pay for any hospice care or end of life care where continued life (of whatever quality) was a viable alternative. I leave the bill for that, in its entirity, to whichever of my relatives made the decision which is against my wishes, during my incapacity.

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She Weevil said...

I can tell you are feeling better. You've got your ballsy head on this morning.

I loved your poem - I am going to have a proper look at it later on today.

Morning!! BTW