07 April 2005

A Bit Of Fun

I am jumping the gun on a fun game about to be played over at Michelle's incredibly popular blog.

Heres how my version goes:

  1. I will go down my list of links and past commenters and pick one of you at a time
  2. I check out your site and pick one or two words that I feel describe you
  3. Then I do a Google search for images, using those words.
  4. Then, (good bit) I will post a bit about you and your blog, with those pictures, however inappropriate they are!
  5. It would be nice if everyone who wants to play could then pop over to the chosen blog and say Hi in the comments there.
  6. Chosen person then: a) gets me back and b) does the same for at least three people on their list.
Sound like fun? If it works I will systematically do this for everybody in my links and all my commenters, so say Hi, below if we havent met yet and you would like to play. The great thing is, you could be 'done' by several people and it would always be different, it depends on the descriptors each of us chooses.

Whats holding me up? Well I have to get over to Pratie Place and find Melinama's post about embedding Hello pictures in a text post. Failing that it'll be a long trawl through all the whizz bang special effects at Mandarin, but I aim to start this week.

(Anyone with a suitably monosyllabic idiot guide already available re: uploading pictures, please share!)

Update: DOH! Don't need Hello, if I link to the pictures on the web, Heres how.


Michele said...

Sounds simply wonderful. I wil be back to check out your chosen words and pictures. My post will be up on Monday or Tuesday, please do watch for it.

Now, I think I have some blogrolling to do....starting with you!

Michele said...

I can't believe I have added you twice. Sorry about that. I was having a brunette moment.