18 April 2005


Your Linguistic Profile:

40% General American English
35% Yankee
15% Dixie
5% Midwestern
5% Upper Midwestern

And there's bloody ridiculous for you - I speak English English. Well OK there's Welsh heritage in there somewhere, plus an upbringing on the outskirts ov West Lundun (Sour-fall) plus the best efforts of Rural Sussex to make me sound like the 'self-proclaimed posh' bastard offspring of Saxon invaders and a bunch of shipwrecking smugglers.

But I digress.

Why can't Americans just give up and admit they speak American? They have internal dialects, as do we Brits, but surely by now its obvious that the two countries have separate languages, albeit with very recently shared heritage.

Come on lads, cut the apron strings properly - you know you want to!


Just another American Expat said...

50% General American English and %40 Dixie??? Dixie English???

I'm just as comfortable with "you guys" as "y'all". The dilemma here is that I spent my formative years in three different U.S. states, which located in three different regions of the East coast…Virginia, Ohio, and Georgia. That can really mess a kid up. But I don’t have a southern accent...at least I don’t think so

Jennifer said...

I nearly spewed my hot coffee at seeing your Yankee and Dixie mix! Perhaps that mixed breed, when combined, rings to the ear like proper British English? I, for one, find these results priceless beyond belief. :-)