18 April 2006

What I Got For Easter!

I'm back.

How was it for you?

Over the past ten days I have acquired:
  1. A skirt from George at Asda, a gift. My first new skirt in 20 years (honestly, I sat and worked it out; because I'm not big on skirts). Its too big.
  2. A pair of jeans. I've bought jeans more recently but otherwise double ditto (Asda, no receipt, too big).
  3. A truly lovely disc shape necklace, mother of pearl
  4. Two lots of antibiotics
  5. A headache, a tooth infection and a sore throat
  6. Acid
  7. A new understanding of my adult family and my expectations of them, aka the wool rather crudely ripped from my eyes. Warning: do not take three generations of females from the same bloodline and lock them together in a small terraced house for ten days; ever. There might be a book in this, provided I am prepared to be cut off. I am drafting right now, just on that premise.
  8. A new understanding of myself although this is one of those mists of recognition that is still seeping into my id rather than arriving as a solid package of information.
  9. Reading glasses - two pairs. They both suit me, adding an air of severity/intellectualism which was obviously missing from the public image hitherto. I may have to go and be a CEO or a corporate genius now, just to validate these little face ornaments.
So, quite a lot.



Stegbeetle said...

Glad about 3 & 8.
Sorry about 1, 2, 4 & 5.
Needing clarification on 6.
Re 7 - families are great aren't they? So sorry things appear to have been a little...um...fraught.
Re 9 - reading glasses? Hmm, schoolmistress! :)
Welcome back!!

zilla said...

You have acid?

How many hits?

Let's play "Button, Button, Who's Got The Button," shall we?

Party at Cheryl's pad, everyone! Wear your tie-dyes and bell-bottoms!

zilla said...

PS: I got squat, save for a basket of sweets from Myrtle and a headache from Moose.

Judging by Daughter's recent costume, you've got the talent to take in the skirt or the jeans, no?

It must suck to be little like you. I gained half a stone on my trip, and I was already a stone too heavy. Damn.

Write the bloody book. Just write it and don't look back -- don't worry about telling the truth. I want to read it.

Le laquet said...

So acid?
What kind of acid are we talking here?

Plus severity and intellectualism ... shouldn't you be teaching?

I had a cd (Kaiser Chiefs) and a chocolate rabbit :o)

doris said...

I love the idea of the glasses LOL

Sounds like an "interesting" Easter!

PS Places like Asda can be quite good about exchanges even without the receipt.... providing items look new and unworn. But with your sewing talents I bet you could produce a designer outfit out of the jeans and skirt?

She Weevil said...

I asked for a woden handled garden fork or a very large posh ribbon tied easter egg. I got a box of all gold from the sho downstairs. It just said garage forecourt flowers to me. Such an ungrateful old cow. Number 7 made me laugh out loud.

Ms Mac said...

Corr! you cleaned up!

Are you going to try and exchange the pressies at Asda anyway? it's either that or eat chocolate until you fit into them!

jane said...

Welcome back Cheryl!!! But, ACID? I hope you write the book, I'd love to read it.

Anita said...

Oh Cheryl,
I'm so glad you're back, do tell more!! You are too young to rememember cold baths to make jeans fit-- just return them.

Ally said...

To echo everyone else:



I will probably have material to contribute to your book :).

Welcome back x

Writer Mom said...

You get gifts???
Do Americans give gifts?
Have I been left out all these years?
(Come to think of it, my MIL sent me a mug and a children's Bible. Uh-oh. I thought she was just bribing me into pushing religion on the children.)
Calling MY mother now.
She will tell me that only people who go to church get gifts.
I stayed home and ate a dozen deviled eggs.

Great to see ya!

Ivy the Goober said...

Hey, I got diddly-squat for Easter. However, I read in the news about a woman who got a basket that had a dead rabbit in it, so I'm glad to be me.

Badaunt said...

You got gifts? For Easter? Is that normal?

(It was Easter? I forgot.)

Write that book. I want to read it, too.