02 April 2006


I guess Dave Gorman has a pretty decent digital camera.
I guess also that means that a great deal of definition is lost in the transfer to flickr.

This is a shame but also a telling point - particularly in view of the story behind this (half) picture.

The original, here, contains much more information, and Dave mentions that a certain onlooker prevented him from getting a better shot, which means for certain that he never thought to take this one home and digitally modify it.

I'm impressed. I mean, I was already impressed with his work, he has a lovely, quirky, appreciative eye on the world and ought to be displaying these professionally, in a gallery, on 5 foot tall canvasses or in matte glass frames just as large, but the thought that each and every one of his works is probably the entire original shot with very little skimming, strimming or repositioning, well that adds a real wow factor.

Go see this, Then his balanced stones. Then his faces (gotta love those faces).

He runs a little online gallery that I admit I sneak off to when the world is a bit on the grey side - half an hour in there brings the colour back.


P.S. Mr Gorman will not mind me hacking and reproducing this shot - I don't think. A certain inebriated defender of the young, however, may feel I owe a particular kid a couple of notes, for plagiarism.


Abby said...

I had a look. I liked his documentary about finding all the other Dave Gormans in the world, especially the bit where he had to explain to some Israeli border guards his reason for entering Israel. Hilarious. There's no easy way to explain to a border guard that you are there to meet someone you have never met who happens to have the same name as you. I liked the photos. What is flickr, is it all about photos?

Cheryl said...

It is, all photos, and free to join I think.
Keep an eye out, some blogs have flickr albums linked.

fineartist said...

The faces WERE great. I felt like I was looking at C 3 Po’s family photos or something.

Really clever and interesting.

This guy does have a good eye. Thanks Cheryl xxx, Lori

Writer Mom said...

Loved his site! I'm a little gaga about flickr right now. So many interesting people in the world with many many talents. So much inspiration to be found.
Thanks for sharing!

Fashion said...

Very funny pic....why did you through your lod shoe???? will you go to Timberland shoes???????????