05 April 2006

Not a Well Bunny

Got an abscess or an ear infection or something.

This is day two of having subtle cotton-wool style tinitus in my left ear and a little pressure around/under the left eye and temple, like sinus trouble. Nothing serious - the muscles that side of my head just feel a little heavier, which is tiring. I promise I can use both arms and stick my tongue out straight, and Husband will attest to the functionality of my language centres - so nowt wrong with the noggin.

Not having too much fun getting my brain into gear, nonetheless, and all the best laid plans which seemed so obvious on Monday are now a foggy memory.

This is good news.

It might mean I'm going to be ill all the time I'm visiting my mum next week, it might even mean I pack and travel with odd socks or accidentally minus one kid, or something, but at least it also establishes that there's a physical reason for my recent and conflicting urges to:

a) spit fire at all and sundry
b) walk off into the sunset and live in a cave.

I'm glad I'm 'only sick', because now I can stop trusting my recently tumultuous instincts and, as with PMT, consign every murderous urge to the mental tray marked: Suspicious - do not assess until brain function is restored.

It's kind of like keeping an open mind - except really it's permission to keep a blank one.

Be well.


Ally said...

Good. Kind of.

*pours more tea for you*

Stegbeetle said...

Yes. Good. If you say so.

doris said...

Sorry. Hugs and hope it mends soon.

Le laquet said...

ouch, anti biotics or something to take the ouchie away?