20 April 2006


Have you ever noticed that, on the days when you simply can't imagine what to write about, you eagerly turn to your blogroll for a bit of inspiration, only to find that everyone else is in exactly the same boat?

Fascinating experiment in group consciousness, this blogging malarky - the only question is, would we all be feeling uninspired anyway, or are we influencing each other? By that I guess I mean, what is the entity? Is it humanity as a whole or simply the chosen peer group? Do we affect each other and create a natural cycle and if so, to what extent?



zilla said...

Good questions. In my case, the more I have to do that I desire to procrastinate doing, the easier it is to write. :-D

Writer Mom said...

Yes. I'm like Zilla. And even though I STILL have things I should be doing (the floor could grow vegetables, it's so dirty) the spring weather has me doing fun stuff that keeps me away from writing.
Also, the family's been bonkers, and won't leave me in peace. Dogs included!
If everyone else is experiencing this, I say it's Mother Nature's fault, so possibly we're on her cycle.
Your post about good times ahead (my paraphrase) gave me a hope last winter that I held onto, and I'm feeling the effects now. Anybody else? If so, that was a cycle you created. Even if it hasn't helped anyone else, I have been nicer to my family, and they've been happier, so your post (heck, many of them) sent a positive ripple through my family, so there.
As for humanity. Ugh. I was on total opposite ends from my extended family over the holidays. I'm sticking with chosen peer groups making an impact. When I venture out into the bigger world, I find the same disconnection every time.

Cheryl said...

Good grief girl, I have to cite your post as one example (of many), of how a nice comment from an intelligent and valuable person can make me go all goofy warm & fuzzy.

rashbre said...

Another variation is the one where a really good blog thought appears at an inconvenient moment and then later it is difficult to recollect it accurately.

Or a day where 5 or 6 completely different ideas come bursting out and one has to make a decision about what to say.

Ivy the Goober said...

If we're affecting one another, you should cheer up a bit, because I am now :)

She Weevil said...

Mother nature on blob. I know that wasn't what was menat but it's in my head and it's stuck there now.

jane said...

This is so weird, Cheryl. I just wrote about this same subject last week. It's called Universal Thought. I'd read about it a few years ago. What's so strange is that people have the same thought despite proximity or having anything in common with others having the same thoughts. I find it fascinating.

Ally said...

Perhaps it's like menstrual cycles of women who live together coming in to swing with each other.

Badaunt said...

I've had some ideas for blogs and no time to write them in. The first few weeks of semester are MAD, and I'm only tonight catching up with some blog reading, after a week. (And the only reason I'm still awake is that I took some laxatives at the wrong time and going to bed is out of the question for another half hour or so. I don't think my bowels have moved all week - NO TIME! - and they're catching up now.)

There was one blog post cooking in my head about a fabulous theory I had that linked cyber-sex, shoplifting, advertising, penis length, consumerism, black holes, cosplay, fasion magazines, celebrities, and the dominance of the visual sense, and made them all part of the same phenomena.My theory explained EVERYTHING.

The problem is I made the mistake of telling The Man my theory, and he laughed so hard he wore himself out and had to have a nap.

I'm SURE I was right, though, and my theory could revolutionize, er, sociology (does sociology have revolutions?), if only I could remember what it was. I'd been up since 5am and it was late evening when I came up with it, and shortly afterwards I went to bed, still giggling, and somehow blanked it out. I do remember I had to take penis length out, and I added a couple of other things which I've now forgotten, but the rest was spot on.

But what I started to say was that I WOULD be blogging more if I wasn't already so badly prepared for work I wasn't always having to do other stuff. I usually procrastinate (by blogging) until things are either not important anymore or until I'll be in deep shit if I don't do them right away, and I seem to have reached the latter stage with several things at once. MUST DEVELOP SELF-DISCIPLINE.

(A blog post was achieved today because it is Saturday, and I'm sure I can manage five million urgent things tomorrow.)