25 April 2006

Suzi's Quiz

Stolen from Wulfweard

1. Would you like to genuinely know what other people think?
Only if I ask. I can't stand being given the pc or watered down version if I ask. Otherwise, no way, because I think I'd spend all my time wanting to debate things. I suspect I'd also say things like "How can you be so blind"/"such a disappointment"/"such a prat" far too often.

2. Would you want to live for ever?
Yes! Not necessarily in this form on this planet, but deffo.

3. What would you do if it could be absolutely guaranteed that you would get away with it?
Decide I am a superstar to be pampered, given expensive clothes and run around in Limousines AND allowed to say exactly what I think and get cheered for it. That would be fun for a while. Shit one night in a hotel would be nice, or a holiday, its been what, fifteen years?

4. Do you ever want to smash precious things?
Yes. When life has turned to total shit, when there's nothing keeping you there AT ALL and you are racked with torment and a sense of mourning, then to look up and see a stupid trinket that manages to twang your heartstrings and make you want to rush to hug it as a sliver of what life used to be/ought to be, that's annoying and hurtful, like rubbing salt in the deepest wound. It might as well be smashed and shit if everything else in your life is crap too, instead of sitting there like some unbearable taunt.

5. You hear a noise in the night. What would be the most thrilling thing that could have caused it?
Someone filling the living room with cash in notes.

6. What is the most exciting thing you have done with your fingernails?

8. If you could wish that one book had never been written. What would it be?
Nope. How about every single fairy story and black and white movie and musical that thrilled my little heart when I was a kid and gave me this dumb, false idea that men are waiting to be heroes? Men are waiting to take their socks off and fart, not look after you. I wish I'd sucked that one up a lot earlier. Don't be too hard on me - women look for a way to keep climbing, learning, enthusing, we want 'happy ever after'; men work for a way to stop and veg out and let someone else handle everything.

9. Would you rather have a short intense life or a long contented one?
Short intense. 'Content' as in couch potato is a living hell, I'd sooner change other peoples lives; leave a talking point, rather than leaving a butt shaped dip in the sofa.

10. If you are a man have you ever imagined what it would be like to have a vagina? If you are a woman have you ever imagined what it would be like to have a penis?
You bet. I must have been some kind of evil male in a past life, or else I am screwed up, because its usually a revenge story - I am strong in the fantasy, like some warlord, and the script goes along the lines of "Now - you - (grunt) - know - what - degradation - feels - like." Victim male must look completely lost and gormless and pathetic, with a look on his face like they give to inflatable dolls. Like I said, revenge.
I'm glad I'm female, if I was male I might be in prison.


Stegbeetle said...

Cheryl, after reading the answer you gave to (10.) remind me never to do/say/write/think anything to make you mad at me, OK?

Cheryl said...



Its OK Steggy, I think its like when you imagine pompous people naked in clown noses, to get rid of the fear - except personal. The thought would never cross my mind!

Ivy the Goober said...

Great quiz. I especially like your answer to number 8!

Cheryl said...

I am pleased to announce, as a post script, that husband read the list and laughed out loud at number 10. This is a good thing; at least he knows when I'm being sardonic, which is a rather frequent habit of mine and one I thought I had perfected. Nope, G sees straight through me. I don't know why that makes me grin, but it does.