06 April 2006

Pardon - Bless Me

She-Weevil has gone and infected me with The Indie Virus.

Thanks, She-W.

The thing about The Indie Virus is that it was designed specifically for us and our 'lesser known blogs' and the idea is that you pass The Indie Virus to bloggers that you think deserve:
a round of applause/more recognition/a link/The Indie Virus.

Someone somewhere is counting the number of links and searching for the specific phrase 'The Indie Virus', so, obviously 'The Indie Virus' is the only phrase you can use as the anchor text for each link. It does mean, however, that eventually there will be a picture of which blogs/bloggers caught The Indie Virus the most frequently. Whether that speaks to their popularity or to their need for a serious course of multivitamins remains to be seen.

Just to really mix things up, pearsonified asks, if possible, that you link The Indie Virus to a specific post with a trackback and not to just the main blog address. Apparently it speaks louder, and no I don't know what that means and can only assume that The Indie Virus encourages some sort of verbal diaorrhea.


No, I am not a carrier, I got infected, remember?

Its worth noting that The Indie Virus is not something you can only catch once, rather, as it does the rounds, you can be infected and reinfected. The Indie Virus is, well, virulent, however you take the word.

There was one other suggestion, that you tag your post as The Indie Virus. Yup, done. Sorry to all those that I wanted to infect, but couldn't. I promise to sneeze in different directions if I catch it again.



Cooper said...

I caught the dreaded lurgy once. It was awful

Astryngia said...


Kim said...

((((cheryl)))) sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this, but I caught more than one kind of virus.... Thank you darling.

Writer Mom said...

Oh dear. I feel a little flush.

Happy Easter!!! I hope you're having a wonderful time. ((hack hack))