29 January 2007

Yonner Rocks!

Found Yonner today.

Yonner (Mark Goodwin) got 'discovered' on his blog when he decided to play the nose trumpet and video the results. His (wonderful) mini recital was soon snapped up by the UK's Channel 4, and here is the news article to back that up.

You can see his Symphony #1 in B minor, HERE.

Thoroughly recommended - hang on in there for the four part harmonies!


Anonymous said...


The future Mrs Yonner is one lucky dame.

All I ever get is flowers -- and not too often, at that, but SHE has a lifetime of free sympohnies to look forward to, and, wow. How did she get so lucky?

Anonymous said...

Erm, well, yes...

I presume the next trick will involve farting in harmony?

Anonymous said...

In honour of yonner..

He was a nose trumpet man from out Oldham way.
He had a bogie style that no one else could play.
He was the top man and made us all laugh
and then his number came up and he was up with the stars
He's on the telly now. He's blowin' more
He's the bogie wogie bugle boy on Channel 4

Cheryl said...


266, I just LOVE the way your mind works.
I wrote one, once, that began "Don't try for me, stick to Tina" but really, the way you see funny musical connections all the time just has me in awe.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...


I rewrite the songs that make the whole world sing
I rewrite the songs about anything..

I don't know how it happens... it just does. Glad that I can make you ROFL.. it's a gift!