26 January 2007

Do What, John?

All together now:

Do what John? Do what John?
Come again do what?
Do what John? Do what John?
Do what? Do what? Do what?
Do where John? Do where John?
With what, with whom and when?
Trific realy trific,
Pardon, come again?

Honestly I think I'll be singing that all day.

Serendipity brought me to Eric Idle's site! Heres another, more of a cautionary tail, or perhaps a moral with nobs on, NSFW. Well, it tickles me, but thats enough of that.

1 comment:

Library Lady said...

You Tube has the film clip of this from "Monty Python's Meaning of Life". It's at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGRPFUYUUdQ

The alternative title for this ditty is "Not the Noel Coward Song" and it IS the sort of thing you can imagine Noel singing, just not on a public stage!