28 January 2007

Music To Go Gay By?

The following list was built, it seems, by good Christian parents emailing in details of any suspect performer or piece of music; specifically anything that they feel stirs the loins in the 'wrong' direction. Corinne Bailey Rae is on the list and so is Frank Sinatra, because, heavens, Betsy, today's wayward young uns just can't get enough of Ol' Blue Eyes, if you don't keep them on a tight leash.

Site host Donnie Davies' encouraging comment at the bottom of the page "You guys know of a lot more Gay Bands than I do" says more about the contributors than was perhaps intended.

Stegbeetle - you may be pleased to know that Evanescence made it on to the safe and sanctioned list...... phew, eh?


Anonymous said...

Oh my God, I have laughed and laughed! Morrissey is 'questionable', and for some bizarre reason The Grateful Dead get (AIDS) in brackets after their name. Boy George gets a special asterisk, which presumably means he is super dangerous. When will these people learn? I was taught about Hitler at school, but I have yet to show a propensity to invade Poland. Ms Baggage, you are a star and I have added you to my blogroll.

Cheryl said...


Anonymous said...

Clay Aiken is one of the few I DON'T listen to. Even if I did, I think I could control my urges.

That was one very moving collage of praying hands.
Oscar Wilde reformed his homosexual ways, eh? That was one informative website.

Anonymous said...

I love it!

Qt...'Elton John (Really Gay)'

No Shit Sherlock?!

As opposed to 'A bit gay' perhaps?

Ever heard 'Destroy Rock and Roll' by Mylo, a song about this kind of bullshit (mainly sampling some moron Preacher's speech all the way through who lists all the bands he is aclling down God's wrath on)? And Mylo's not even on the list. I'll have to email them ;-)

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the music video "God Hates Fags" on that site? Its blasphemous. I watched it and was just speechless for quite a while. People on a lot of sites discussing it believe its a parody, but I'm afraid its not.

Cheryl said...

Miss C

Thanks for that, I wish I could but just now it said I didnt have permission.
I did read there that Google and MySpace had both censored them/him, and I did go on to watch the latest video about this and about how Donnie is being mocked even though he isnt fat and has lost 120 pounds.

Then I went to see the CHOPS page ('Changing Homosexuals into Ordinary People' - don't even get me started) and found out, surprise, that even Donnie used to be one and in his own words knows "how horrible and rough that road can be".

My suspicion is that most of the horror and roughness was injected by, um, unforgiving types looking to express their disgust. I actually didnt mean either of those puns, er, originally.

I guess that in some circles being 'ordinary' involves hating yourself and your natural urges into oblivion.

I suddenly feel more sad than anything.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of that Texas (?) church which pickets the return of every dead soldier from Iraq shouting abuse.They believe that all these deaths are God's retribution on America for 'loving fags'.

As for 'Donnie', psychosis hath no fury like the converts.

Anonymous said...

Cole Porter, Barry Manilow - pul-lease!
Do these people not have anything better to do other than listen to records played backwards?

Rain said...

A list to get my random 10 from :)

Cheryl, you look so beautiful in your new pic!