26 January 2007




Anonymous said...

That was amazing! Though I can't help wondering whether he wasn't covered in gob after the event, never mind just having hairy in his mouth.

Anonymous said...

Elder Eena says: Wow. That guy's got too much time on his hands.

I, however, thought it was cute.


Anonymous said...

People like this always make me wonder what got them started in the first place. Did he practice for hours in front of a mirror, alone in a room somewhere? Did he dream of the day he'd be famous because he could do, er ... whatever it is you call that? How long did it take? And more importantly, what kept him going, on those bad days when the beat just wasn't there, and people laughed at him? How did he keep the dream alive?

And what kind of person has a dream like that in the first place???

Anonymous said...

Just fab :-)