30 January 2007

How British Are You?

Ben Fenton over at the Telegraph has designed a comprehensive little quiz to test your Britishness. If you are not British, or have no desire to be British, but think you have a fair idea of what is wrong with the British, then you are still allowed to play.

Heres a sample question:

7) You are standing in a crowded train and somebody stands on your foot, so you:

a) Stand on theirs, crying 'See, that's what it feels like, you troglodyte'.

b) Ignore it and hope nobody notices that you haven't made a fuss

c) Ignore it and hope everybody notices that you haven't made a fuss.

d) Apologise and move a few feet sideways.

OK? Got the drift?

Word of warning:
You may wish to remove breakable objects from reach, replace them with a box of tissues, and thoroughly empty your bladder before following the link... HERE.

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