28 January 2007


Erm, about the change of photo in the profile from the crabby old bag version to the fancy-antsy one.
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Yup, that one.

About that.


See, if you are quick the very lovely Mr Tino Buntic is creating a page linking to just 2,000 bloggers; all just for the fun of it, and the way to get onto the page is to run over to his blog and ask; here.

The only thing he asks is that your blog has a photo of you on it somewhere that he can snaffle to add to this lot.

Well now, I ask you, a girl has to powder her nose, yes?


Anonymous said...

Thanks Cher for promoting US!

Anonymous said...

Hot Damn!!

(That's obnoxious American for 'You look very attractive!')

Anonymous said...

Cool. Just done that then. Love the pic - you're a babe!

Do you know everyone on the internet Cheryl?


Anonymous said...

pretty picture, cheryl.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful picture! You go, girl!

Anonymous said...

foxy lady!

fineartist said...

I love this photo of you, always have.

It radiates with your inner and outer beauty, you vixen, you.

And I'm with She Weevle...Jimmy Hendrix playing in the background...FOXY LADY!