06 October 2006

Thith Ith Dire

Kim wrote a wonderful piece about David Sedaris.

Never having heard of him I googled, of course, and found an excerpt from one of his books. It was all about the perils of lisping, thorry, lithping, in thcool, erm school, and having to face the language therapist. He is hysterically funny and I want all his books now. Here's that excerpt.

Anyway all of this has got me on the lookout for lisps, thorry, lithpth. I can't help it, they muthy be preying on my mind becauthe I jutht keep notithing them, everywhere.

Bless her.
Reminds me of that episode of Only Fools and Horses when an otherwise decent singer who couldn't say his Rs performed Don Maclean's 'Kwying Over You' . He kwyed a lot.

Anyway, all together now:

Oh Baby Baby, How wath I thupothed to know
That thomething wathnt right here
Oh baby baby, I shouldnt have let you go
And now you're out of thight, yeah
Show me how you want it to be
Tell me baby cuth I need to know now, oh becauthe

My lonelineth ith killin me (and I)
I mutht confeth I thtill believe (thtill believe)
When Im not with you I lothe my mind
Give me a thign, hit me baby one more time!


She Weevil said...

Mad as a box of frogs

Stegbeetle said...

I was going to leap in with another song lisped but once I started thinking about "Thinging in the rain, just thinging in the rain" it started to sound a little obscene.

Neutron said...

Thad ithn't it? otherwise she's not got a bad voith.

And it's cruel the names we have given to these speech defects. Try saying lithp if you lithp or st-t-tut-t-t-ter if you stutter or tht-t-tutt-ter if you have a lisp and a stutter.

Can't thtop giggling though! Thorry..

Badaunt said...

Why are lisps so funny?

When my little brother was about six, he had to memorize a poem to recite for some school thing. He had a lisp (now gone), and he chose his favourite poem, which was about an opossum. It started,

"Percival Patrick Opossum..." which of course he rendered as "Perthival Patrick Opothum."

I can't remember the rest of the poem, except that Perthival ended up electrocuted after climbing a power pole. (His mother had told him not to. It was a tragic poem, with a moral.)

Mostly I can remember that the poem seemed to have a LOT of esses, and was very long, my brother was very, very serious about memorizing his favourite tragedy properly, and the rest of the family had a very, very hard time trying not to laugh as he practiced around the house. It was thuch a thad poem. Laughing was inappropriate.

Kim said...


Okay, well, I went to see David and omg, he's so wonderful!

Be sure to get those books Cheryl, you'll love them.

zilla said...


fineartist said...

Holy sh*t ballth, this cracked me up.

I thuck.


Neutron's right, she does have a great voice.

fineartist said...

oops, thith, thith cracked me up.

Le laquet said...

LMAO! I used to have a kid in class way back in those pre-marriage days who'd say "Good Morning Mith Collinth, my name ith Reeth Thimmonth and I feel thad" every day at register time! Covered in thpit or what?