31 October 2006

Free Association #194

Courtesy of LunaNina

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Costume :: Party
  2. Beg :: Scrounge
  3. Hottie :: Wottie Bottie (WhataboutawaterbottleWibble? - Thats a fart in the bath)
  4. Celebrity :: Squares
  5. Saturday :: Night at the Movies
  6. Buckle :: up
  7. Doorbell :: Ding dong Avon calling
  8. Rude :: conceited, self involved, discourteous
  9. Absence :: yeah, um a state of not being there. Like me all the time, except I think its meant to be occasional, to count.
  10. Hyper :: hic durr blurble boing-boing, what's next?

OK. Well;... while I'm not looking I'm just going to creep off and get myself a couple of nice tablets to get us ready for a lovely long sit-down. Yes. Shhh........

1 comment:

fineartist said...

Costume :: make your own please. Every kid in town has asked me to make them a costume this week, or it seems that way.

Beg :: whine.

Hottie :: More like sweaty, waking up in a pool of my own juices cause I'm old damn it.

Celebrity :: swap, now that's a show I'd watch, seeing one of them take the place of one of us for a week or two.

Saturday :: Night's alright for a fight....Saturday night's alright, woo hoo hoo hoo, ya ya ya...

Buckle :: your shoe.

Doorbell :: doe knob...Once on the thousand dollar pyramid, this chick was trying to get Alan Alda to say dear...so she said doe, and he said knob....lmao, she tried to sue him for making her lose thousands of dollars.

Rude :: people suck.

Absence :: makes the heart grow fonder.

Hyper :: active.
xx, Lori