16 October 2006

Poetry Challenge Again

Its been too long since I played the poetry challenge, and I have to wonder if anyone is still around who either recalls it or cares.

The deal is simple - you, in the comments, quote me three disparate words and then I get all the fun - trying to weave them into some sort of poem in as short a time as possible.

That's it.

I need this. So far I today I have already wept for Rilke*. The beauty of empathy; the silver lining on the cloud of heartbreak for someone else, is that, guilt free and without ugliness, we accidentally weep for and heal ourselves.

And I've done that; and now I need to play.


(*That poem.)


Kim said...

flowers, cramps, wino.

That's just three stupid things to say to someone. There's something wrong with me.

Cheryl said...

Ooh I had fun! Rusty, badly done fun, but it was good for me. I want more!

Flowers, cramps, wino.

I found a little toadstool,
Bedecked in jolly spots
I fed it to my enemy
and now his stomach rots.
He soon forgot the cramps. Unkind
hallucinations took his mind,
Like a wino on the lino and
(said he) a castle in his hand.
Still death did as death does, devours,
and now he's pushing up the flowers.

Cheryl said...

Oh thats bad.
I need more practice.

*cough cough*

Stegbeetle said...

Pearls, ashes, mist.


Atyllah said...

world , tissues, angel

Okay, you're on!

Cheryl said...

Murphy's law, that is.
Back now - give me 5!

Cheryl said...


Theres an angel on my tissues;
Seems they're all the world he's got
So he won't be very happy if
They end up full of snot.


Steg, I wanted to play and I just plain can't. No fantastic stories come to mind, just bland, badly written ditties and a girl can only knock out so many of them before retiring gracefully.

Thanks for the thought. Maybe later. What could YOU make of those words?

zilla said...

Am I too late? Have you already retired?

How about, cowboy, crumpet, and ... coruscating!

Le laquet said...

tomahawk, Lebanon, lucid

Stegbeetle said...

Well I've got something, Cheryl, but you know me - with words like "ashes" and "mist" to work with the outcome was always going to be a little bleak. In fact it's so bleak I'm not sure I should post it on someone else's blog!

Atyllah said...

Oh yeah! Liked that, Cheryl :-)
You know how to make a chicken smile.

Rain said...

You've got talent!

Kim said...

you're so funny Cheryl!