05 October 2006

Just for Stegbeetle, who needs a laugh

So not for anyone else, right?

Under no circumstances are you to click

unless you are Stegbeetle.

Thanks to ShrinkMamma for the link.

N.B. If you MUST be rash and foolish and follow the link, I have to repeat S-M's warning - you do so at your own risk, and if you have any sense you'll avoid eating or drinking until you navigate away.


Stegbeetle said...

*bows low*

Generous you are. Worthy I am not!

"He the my brothers in elephant is similar"?

Brilliant! Possibly better than the original script. Many many thanks, Cheryl, just what I needed. While I had the sense not to be eating or drinking I didn't plan ahead sufficiently to have a tissue handy in case of explosive snorts of laughter that...um...require tissues.

You're too kind, babe. Cheryl is a Goddess amongst us, for hers is the truth and the way and she walks in the paths of wisdom.

*wanders away to wash keyboard*

Ms Mac said...

I certainly didn't look at it and laugh because it wasn't for me.

Cheryl said...

Reverse psychobabble not my forte, is.
Ah, jedi.

Hiya Ms Mac! Honoured by the visit :-)

Le laquet said...

I was well behaved and ignored the link because you told me to!

Anonymous said...

However, naughtyed personen was I. Snickers disbeliefed for roll of church.

We've watched a few translated comedy kung fu movies lately and reckon they are badly translated too but not knowing what it should be have to take it at face value!

Ally said...

That's fabulous - really brightened my rather yackky morning :).