15 October 2006

Free Association 193

Courtesy of LunaNina

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Weeks :: can fly by or creep.
  2. Cough :: it up, it might be a gold watch". That was a fairly common saying when I was a child. It seems odd now to realise that, as a child, I always thought it was both reassuring and humorous. Strange.
  3. Jail :: House Rock. We have Prisons; Our Police Stations have cells - jails are an American thing. Guantanamo. Elvis. Both gross, for different reasons. (Personal opinion of course, I just happen to think 'The King' was overrated and I resent any form of tacky, sycophantic hero worship. He was also ugly in an oily sort of a way. Sorry folks.)
  4. Produced :: I know I ought to think of products and vegetable produce and good honest labour but it makes me think of media personalities - politicians, newsreaders, film stars - all individually 'produced' from how they wear their hair (if its really theirs) to how they stand, dress, smile, react. Plastic plastic. So sad and so male.
  5. ? :: Eh? You do what?
  6. Stapler :: Don't tempt me.
  7. Next :: Next!
  8. Perky :: breasts. Perky girls - clean but dumb; gosh golly gee. Daphne Blake goes to Connecticut.
  9. Oxygen :: Love is like... tra la la. The trouble is that asphyxiation and hyperventilation can have such indistinguishable symptoms.
  10. Musical :: Chairs. Thats that one where you skip along having fun until you land on your arse on the floor because the chair just isnt there any more, yes?


Atyllah said...

Jail - oh no, not again
Cough - ooh er ahem, did I just say that? *blush*
Musical - not when it's Granny Were

You're really big into your word association, Cheryl! :-)

beckyboop said...

Love your remarks. Mine are not as articulate...

1.Weeks :: people who can't do anything for themselves. I know, different spelling, but it's what came to mind.
2.Cough :: Black Sabbath...you know the song they did that begins with someone coughing
3.Jail :: My mom and one of my sisters write to prisoners. WTF.
4.Produced :: children
5.? :: life
6.Stapler :: In my desk drawer
7.Next :: Going back to work. Ugg
8.Perky :: breasts
9.Oxygen :: My sister's live-in boyfriend who is an oxygen thief, as my hubby says
10.Musical :: The Sound of Music