08 October 2006

Free Association 192

Courtesy of LunaNina

  1. Opinion :: Everybody's got one
  2. Tardy :: bloody annoying, like time isnt pressed for everybody. Go on and steal time from others why dont you just because you can't get your arse in gear.
  3. Peer pressure :: conformity tectonics
  4. Grownup :: liable
  5. ! :: Need I say more?
  6. Beer :: Bishop's Finger
  7. Sit :: Wuff
  8. Shower :: Torrential rain that lasts less that ten minutes, apparently
  9. Consumate :: Fanfuckingtastic (as in consumate fool, perfect idiot etc)
  10. Wasting :: moments.


beckyboop said...

Free association. Memories of my studies in college. I love psychoanalytical stuff! I'll have to do this. Though I'm not willing to share, as I probably have too many crazy repressed issues to work out. :)


Anonymous said...

Opinion :: Some seem more valid than others, but that's just my opinion!
Tardy :: tardy-slip, tardy-slip
Peer pressure :: lost glasses, got eyestrain?
Grownup :: feels better to be one
! :: yes, !
Beer :: something to make bread with
Sit :: I'd love to, thanks!
Shower :: me with cash
Consumate :: no annulment for you (also reminds me of "consomme")
Wasting :: the Comedy Channel motto "time well wasted"

And I'm adding one:

Support :: empathetic cyberspace hugs from Cheryl (thanks!)

Atyllah said...

opinion - well it's just that, isn't it - someone else's view - wish they'd sometimes keep it to themselves!
Tardy - what is it with humans and time-keeping?
Peer Pressure - yes too much of that on planet earth - everyone too afraid to be their own person, or chicken.
Wasting - the planet's resources. Evolve, oh humans, evolve!