18 October 2006

Stargate Series Ten

Stargate has been around for years now and the characters have developed, and aged, along with the show. At the end of the last series Teal'c was looking relatively hunky in a battleweary way (link).

Now it seems he is meant to look younger and glossier. Some idiot (presumably) decided this can be achieved with the use of contouring highlighter and by overplucking his manly eyebrows into an incredibly thin black line.

Poor sod looks a bit of a ducky.

At least they only make him wear the lipgloss for photos.


zilla said...

Never watched it -- just not my genre. However, Jack O'Neill -- I've come close to making an exception just for him, many a time.

Atyllah said...

Oh no! That's just horrible. What was wrong with the old look!? The kind of mean and steely one.
I do hate it when humans interfere with perfectly good aliens!

Ally said...

Do I detect a hint of the airbrush on those manly biceps?

chosha said...

I'm not looking at the pics because I'm in the middle of season 5. I was away overseas for a few years and rarely caught the show. Now I'm going through season by season to see the ones I missed. now I'm really into the seasons where it's all new to me. I've heard what happens this season and I'm NOT looking forward to getting to that episode. (Oh, Danny Boy...) Lucky there's light at the end of that tunnel. =)

fineartist said...

I wanna bite his lips, not hard....and sans the lip gloss, of course.

Dang nab it, I missed the poetry challenge.

xx, Lori