17 October 2006

Poetry Challenge revamped,.

To all who played yesterday.

It took me an hour.

Its not that good. (Sorry, I guess that means more practice required:)

Jaffa Jeff, The Hero Of The West

Once there was a cowboy and the world declared him blessed
Said an angel watched him even while he pissed.
He could dodge a flying tomahawk, withstand the highest test
But couldn’t see for shit, if there was mist.

His lucid dissertations and his coruscating wit
Contri-buted to his comfort and his fame
Every strumpet was his crumpet, he was never short of tit
And where’ere he went, he often also came.

One chilly autumn morning when the dew fell large as pearls,
Like a wino, lurched our hero, out of town.
Then tipped over the ravine, to the dismay of all the girls
Just because a vicious morning mist came down.

Bring me the wine of Lebanon or failing that, a shot,
Throw flowers on his ashes and give thanks.
Dab your eyes with dainty tissues and bewail his sorry lot
And thank God his weapon only carried blanks.

Kim: flowers, cramps, wino
Steg: Pearls, ashes, mist
Atyllah: world, tissues, angel
Zilla: cowboy, crumpet, coruscating
Le Laquet: tomahawk, Lebanon, lucid

Thanks, guys :-)


Atyllah said...

Bloody brilliant! What a hoot. Much impressed by your wit and poetic ability!

zilla said...


I think your brain is coming back around!

Le laquet said...

SUPERB!! I laughed and laughed and laughed!

Brava :o)

Stegbeetle said...

No false modesty, babe. Anyone who can weave a list of given words into verse and include such diverse expressions as "pissed", "couldn’t see for shit", "lucid dissertations" and "coruscating wit" isn't too far from the top of their game.


Cheryl said...



Thanks all :-)

Rigmor said...

I am always slightly envious of people who can do that rhyming thing! And on the words these folks gave you as well!

V. impressed!

Badaunt said...

An hour? You genius!

chosha said...

That's a fun challenge; I've never seen it before. Cool poem, especially for a one hour special.

mach2jet said...

Hi, Cheryl, great poem. I write an educational (but hopefully amusing and frequently using lingerie to keep the reader's attention) app for the iPad and iPhone called Angry Words Cool Word of the Day and today's word is 'coruscating'. As one of my examples I've quoted the second verse of your very funny poem to illustrate the correct usage of this word, fully attributed to your blog, of course. Hope this is OK. Charles.