17 March 2013


So far, so good.

Last night was amazing.

This morning I woke late and naturally (which is very unusual, its normally an alarm, or a child, or a neighbour's lawnmower or revving engine). Gary stirred about two hours later.

I've done my Donna Eden five minute protocol and Gary got up and started singing. Happy songs. 

Donna can see auras. Actually when David puts it like that, she takes pains to explain that her whole family can see them, and so can all newborns, and the only difference between her and anyone else was having a family that accepted this as truth and  talked about it, so she never lost the knack.

I can 'feel' auras, or at least I guess I mean everyone can, but I am now aware that I can feel auras as one of the exercises yesterday unblocked the energy flow for Gary so much, that his popped and doubled in strength. He never seemed to notice, he just became more open to the seminar and eventually enthusiastic, as the evening went on. I only know that at one point there was this syrupy energy bounced up around him that practically bumped me to the left on the shockwave. The nearest comparison, I don't know if you've ever  walked down into a boiler room in a large building, and irrespective of the dark or light or any heat, there's this snap of electrical potential in the air and mixed with the dust its almost thick, so that you have to push against it and acclimatise to the pressure, to walk in. You know?

Anyhow, I'll be calling on my friend Benita soon, asking for Matrix Reimprinting. I need a practitioner instead of doing this on my own, because I actually want to fully 'step in' to a good infant memory and stay there long enough, so having a relaxed, patient and trusted therapist to keep me grounded or drag me back is going to allow me to swim so much further into the minutiae of the experience.

I've been mulling the idea that we can (or could once) all see auras. I've been taking on board something that was said, specifically, if you've ever held a newborn and watched their gaze track the space around you as if they were fascinated with something just outside of your head, then you've witnessed someone communicating with your aura.

So thanks to Doris commenting and asking questions, I know for sure that I do not have to learn how to see auras. I have to unlearn how to not, and as I learn to trust my subconscious to come up with the perfect next step, I am reminded that as a baby I was happy for hours if my pram was parked under trees. A leafy canopy, 20 or 25 feet above my newborn (and supposedly unfocussed eyes) would leave me entranced and I think if I was seeing the biofield, that would be a top memory to step right completely into and remember. I can almost see them now.


Doris said...

Sounds wonderful.

Sounds like I could do with a trusted practitioner in due course to help me ...

I get that whole auric field stuff and unlearning what we think we can't do or think is not there. Taking the blinkers of life off I suppose.

Doris x

Mad Baggage said...

You are my client! I'm not up on the exact timings of this intense month, but video skype is good whenever it feels right to you, and if I find a soul sister in your neck of the woods I shall let you know xxx