10 March 2013

Did Something Right

After the work I did in the Matrix on Wednesday, I did a search online for Catch A Falling Star. I don't know why, I assumed it would have been by Frank Sinatra, maybe because of other songs like Rubber Tree Plant and Swing on a Star, although looking again, those are sweet but comparatively simplistic little moral tales to music, more about action than love.

No, I found it was Perry Como and what's more, when I put the title into Amazon it came up with a Perry Como double album CD, with another of mum's absolute favourites on there - Scarlet Ribbons.

Guess what my mum got, for Mother's Day (beautifully gift wrapped by some angelic soul who works in a back room for Amazon, probably in some huge office and warehouse complex in Ireland - thank you)

And it arrived on Saturday!

And I received, last night, a beaming and affectionate phone call from my mum, telling me it was an absolutely perfect gift and she couldn't have wished for anything more lovely.

All that for five minutes in the Matrix with EFT, reconnecting with the love.

Now I'm tapping on mum being proud of me, and me doing something right. Now I see it as a blessing that my own family is still snoring away and I am free to cry again. So far it's transformed into 'When I allow God to teach me, I always do it right'. I can feel it sparkling into my reality on every level. spiritual, cellular, you choose; its all going on.

Love EFT, love Matrix.

Happy Mother's Day xxx

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Ahhhhh :-)