09 March 2013

Am I?

I am a Christian. I AM a Christian.

What does that mean, to you?

Well forget it. I don't do dogma. Not even when its wrapped up in pink sparklies and any new age or archaic -osophy -ology or -ism. I have many wonderful friends who plant their faith on this or that checklist or system and in doing so, put up little fences against other possibilities. We can all only grasp so much as truth at a time, I get that, but I really am doing my best to let everything wash through and leave me space to always question.

There are so many names for the ineffable gloriousness we sometimes call God, or Spirit, or Universe. A rose by any other name - none of the titles do justice and it just so happens that my admiration for the man called the Christ has increased exponentially since I decided to throw caution to the wind and really, truly, test that faith.

Specifically, to keep to verses-come-clich├ęs I determined to 'have no anxiety about anything' and to 'test everything against the word' even though, if you want to nit pick, I was technically doing that last bit the other way around.

It just seems that every time, in my conscious exodus away from organised state-run religion I come across a soul-ringing truth that vibrates through my being like angel song, if I look again, Jesus already said that, did that and bought the tee-shirt. I'm trying to break his winning streak as honestly as I can.

Still, Law of Attraction, Namaskar/Namaste, abundance, Ho'oponopono, all these concepts hold beautiful jewels of Truth and spiritual enrichment that could be called up as perfect examples.  I use a capital T deliberately.

I could put this newly crystallised understanding of myself on my Facebook page, but no, that's too social. Never put on Facebook anything which you would not stand on a table and shout across a crowded pub half an hour before closing time.  Everyone else thinks that's their front room too. Be kind.

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