15 March 2013

Donna Eden and David Feinstein

Tomorrow I am off to London to see Donna Eden and David Feinstein!  I can hardly believe it!

What are the odds that they would just happen to be in London the weekend after I become addicted to them on YouTube?
Or that there would still be tickets left?
Or that I would have the money for the fares and tickets just hanging around ready?
Or that I would find someone to go with me so I don't have to brave the scary London Underground on my own late at night?

Things haven't slotted together this neatly (divinely?) since I discovered EFT and Karl Dawson

I so, so, so want to learn from Donna. I want to be as skilled as I can possibly be at the work she does. I want, want, want to spend my life dipping into other people's awareness just to make things 'all better again' and move on. What a rush.

My world as a whole is changing so fast that its hard to comprehend. The only shift that I know of that's happened internally has been a recent step around ego as I've had to get over myself and concede that its very possible I am 'supposed' to be doing something specific with my life (so, not 'finding' it so much as accepting it), and that its equally possible it could just be something amazing, fulfilling, joyful, purposeful, healing and sharing. Why on earth not?

The relief is indescribable. Oh hell yes, I second guess this all the time, that's just my nature, but simply absorbing the concept as a viable one has let me off the hook for pushing on doors to find the open one, trying to force my heart and soul (and business) into a niche, into an operable marketing strategy, into a plan.

I don't do that very well anyway, it saps my energy, and in the past I'd allow the standard business advice to worm its way in to my mind not as a bright idea and opportunity for creativity, but as a checklist, a series of musts and shoulds, a need to stand up and be judged or fade into the background.

The thing is, there is such a difference between an 'open door' and one which is merely unlocked, unresisting. What kind of a creator would direct our paths, and leave us guessing where that would be?

Letting go and letting God is a cliché, but its also a kind of Open Sesame*.

So here's the deal.

Having a husband who would go out, anywhere, is a bit of a big deal and new experience. He works away so much that yet more travel is not his idea of fun and he banks on weekends to recharge his batteries.

Having one who would (willingly, cheerfully) trail to London and back tomorrow night to something that is my passion, not his,  sooner than see me catch trains home on my own until after midnight, is an outright miracle. Love him.

Quite aside from this I have a seminar and two huge networking events lined up, and I'm working with Benita Scott and sharing a stall with her (although to be fair she is definitely doing most of the work) and I'm all set for a ton of training in May, which a few months back was on my pie-in-the-sky-and-wishful-thinking maybe-one-day list. Now its a fast approaching reality.

And................ I'm going to go see Donna Eden! Live! Tomorrow!

How can it get any better than this?



Doris said...

Oh wow I am so uplifted by your post. Encouraged and knowing that there are things out there for all of us. Reminded that things do flow when they are meant to.

Isn't it lovely when those nearest to us actually help us in what we want to do. Always worth appreciating and being grateful for.

So that was last night .... good night?

Doris x

Mad Baggage said...

Darling Doris, it was much like the youtube video, except, as with a good concert, being there was also 'being in the auric field' and that lady knows how to pump people's energies. Thank you for asking, it was SO wonderful that Gary's in accordance with me wanting to do her two year training, and even spent the train ride home (in amongst laughing, a lot), imagining ways to contribute to funding that. More shifts going on than we at first saw or ever expected xxx