19 March 2013

Energy Exercises

Diary note to myself:  Day three of doing Donna Eden's five minute exercise and the movements are beginning to carry an electric charge. I was startled and impressed and very pleased; this must be part of what she wanted us to experience when eliciting a promise to try this for two weeks, but I certainly wasn't expecting it.  There is something there for my hands to cut through as they sweep past my shoulders etc and its beginning to feel spiritual. The neurolymphatic points along the outside of my legs still hurt but the sore spots in my torso are moving up toward the armpits.
I've sacrificed bra underwires for this; maybe its time to increase my water intake and avoid antiperspirant for a week, just to encourage the soreness to go.


Doris said...

As I result of this latest post I started to watch the Donna Eden video you posted below. As it is so satisfyingly long I have been watching it in bite sized pieces. Fabulous stuff.

As for the bra underwires .... in the last few months I have sacrificed the underwired bra look to give my body a rest from those continuous constrictions and just wear them for special occasions. The huggy soft wireless bras are not too bad a shape and much calmer on the body. I thought you needed to know all that too! ;-)

Doris said...

Thank you for sharing! You know this isn't the first time....

It took me over four days but I have now watched the Donna Eden video fully. Funny she goes on to talk about those underwires!

Anyway, I am soon to be the proud owner of her Energy Medicine Kit. Just what the doctor ordered. xxx