29 November 2006

Oh Deer!

Moose may be the largest species of deer but they are also the ones with the most newsworthy taste for alcohol.

A couple of weeks ago a drunken moose was scaring children in the school next door to it's precious apple tree; the source of fermented fruit that Mr moose decided needed careful defending.

Another inebriated elk got confused out on a frozen river in Sweden and fell through the ice, drowning in spite of the best efforts of the emergency services; it says here.

In America, however, a hunter shot and killed a doe which had "a huge rack", apparently.

Me? I just can't help noticing that the pissed deer are in Sweden and the transexual one is in Michigan. Some days I like God's sense of humour. (And no, I don't think that laugh is on the poor deer.)


Writer Mom said...

I can't read Moose without thinking of Z's Moose, so imagine my confusion while reading "transexual one in Michigan." Temporarily caused gender confusion for ME (because Z's Moose is one good looking Moose).

Sad about the deer, though.
(screaming kids in background..dangit)

beckyboop said...

I can't believe there is a drunken moose problem in Sweden. I say Alcoholics Anonymous for moose. Just say NO to fermented fruit.

I know, I'm goofy. It was the only response I could come up with.

Jo said...

I am surprised, what with the price of booze in Sweden...that these the mooses (mooses?...it can't be mice can it?!) can afford to booze!

As or the transsexual doe...well there's a lot of it about you know ;-)

Anonymous said...

One drunken moose, many drunken meesh?

On hunters - I think they should all be shot. Especially the ones with huge guns...

mommyguilt said...

Thanks for your kind words yesterday. As for the moose and the trannie deer, well, let's line up the hunters and have them pick which of them is the most confused - the drunken moose or the deer with the rack.

zilla said...

Well, pooh! I hadn't heard of any transexual deer in Michigan, so I clicked the link and saw that it was in Michigan, North Dakota.

Our recent news involving deer is a bit more seriously troubling. A local man was, while field dressing (read: slaughtering in the woods) a deer, was infected somehow with a fatal wasting disease that isn't normally transmissible to humans. The fact that the virus that causes the wasting has made the jump from deer to human is alarming, to say the least. In a nutshell, the man is in pain and his extremities are slowly wasting away, and he knows there's no stopping it. Horrible.

As for our local Moose population, unless you travel way north to Isle Royale, you probably won't see any except the one I live with, and he's still doing the stone-cold sober highly disciplined iron-man diet, and looking at me cross-eyed when I have a glass of wine because not only is wine full of empty calories, it slows the metabolism.

In other words, he's a party pooper who thinks his mother is fat.


sidhe said...

I once saw a huge buck standing within 4 feet of a footpath on the grounds of the university in Victoria, BC, Canada. I was coming from another direction, and watched as a group of people walked right past without noticing this enormous creature. So maybe deer in BC don't drink, they just lurk ...